Vogue in September

September 12, 2018

Vogue is one of the most well regarded fashion magazines of all time. There are several different publications of this magazine in different countries such as the U.S., Portugal, Paris, Italy, the United Kingdom, China, Brazil, and many other places.

Starting with U.S. Vogue, Beyonce graces the cover for this September issue, donning a large ensemble of flowers on top of her head, while wearing a vaguely natural face. Along with the original cover, there is also a second version that features Beyonce in a festive dress, holding up a large sheet. 

I think it’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies. That’s why I stripped away the wigs and hair extensions and used little makeup for this shoot.”

— Beyonce

Now moving along to British Vogue, the multimedia star Rihanna is the star on this year’s September cover. Her makeup appears heavy, yet abstract at the same time. Her brows are pencil skinny, and she wears a dark lip. Similar to Beyonce, Rihanna also wears a large flower ensemble on top of her head. Unlike her counterpart, Rihanna’s cover gives off a darker vibe.

It is often common for celebrities to be featured on the cover of Vogue. Even though they are not models, they can sometimes bring fresh ideas to the cover of magazines.

On the cover of Vogue Paris, veteran models Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Christy Turlington appear on separate covers for the month of September. Campbell is featured in a powerful, black and white cover. She wears a striking dress, with lots of texture that shines against the camera glare. Turlington also appears in a black and white cover, with a close up picture of her face. Moss’s cover differentiates from the others with a subtle hue of color.  The soft lighting, along with the blonde of Moss’s hair and her enticing expression, create a light, ethereal atmosphere. Each model brings their own individuality to their respective covers. Their dated modeling skills always make for a wonderful piece of work.

While there are several other amazing covers of Vogue this September, these are a select few that have garnered lots of attention. These women always bring their A-game to every piece of work they are a part of.

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