A review of the latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Venom!

By Jayson Green, Staff Writer

Venom was a blockbuster movie and sports high ratings of 95%.  Venom is played by Tom Hardy, who did an amazing job portraying the iconic villain.

The movie is about a journalist who tries to take down Carlton Drake, the founder of the Life Foundation. Eddie Brock goes to an interview with Mr.Drake, then he loses his house, his job, and his fiancé Anne breaks up with him. Months later, Eddie is still down and out, unable to find a job or lead a fulfilling life – that is, until he’s approached by Life Foundation scientist Dr. Dora Skirt.

Dr. Skirt didn’t like what Mr. Drake was doing and told Eddie about the Symbiotes. The symbiotes must bond with a living host in order to survive on the planet. The symbiotes kill the human hosts. When Dr. Skirth sneaks Eddie into the Life Foundation, one of the symbiotes named Venom bonds with Eddie and the pair help to keep each other alive.