Dez Bryant’s signing with the Saints

The former Dallas Cowboys receiver has been signed by the New Orleans Saints.


Keith Allison

Dez Bryant with the Cowboys in 2016

By Ethan Morales, Staff Writer

Dez Bryant, former receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, has finally been signed by the New Orleans Saints after weeks of being a free agent. Bryant, who played eight seasons in Dallas, was dropped to free agency this past off-season and has not played a game since.

The Saints signed him to a one-year deal on Wednesday.

This pick-up boosts the Saints’ offense incredibly


Along with current starting wide receiver Michael Thomas, Bryant will look to make an immediate impact with the team, due to the lack of receivers. Bryant is not alone on this star-studded offense; he joins running-back Alvin Kamara, and quarterback Drew Brees.

This deal will lighten the workload on Thomas and Kamara, and give Bryant a chance to prove himself. Due to this pickup, the Saints have become a bigger force to be reckoned with.