Diamond Pearl?!

I can’t be alone in this…

By Alexis Grimaldo, Staff Writer

I sat in the car waiting for my dad to finish his errand, blasting my music in the meantime. Like a fool, he left his phone in the car with me again. We were about to go to a warehouse for an art show, and his friend was supposed to meet up with us. 

Over the music, my dad’s phone chimed over and over again. I glanced down and saw his friend’s name flashing on his phone. “We’re here. Where are you?” 

I tried to describe where we were parked but since we were in the middle of the parking lot, it was kind of hard to explain. I glanced up when a truck swerved into the spot in front me. The truck didn’t look familiar but when I squinted through the window shield his friend was waving at me.  

I waved back and then quickly texted him, “I thought your truck was a gold color?” 

“No, it’s diamond pearl.” 

“So… white.” 

“No,” he argued. “It’s off white.”

“So you admit it’s a white…”  

We continued to go back and forth, him arguing that his truck was more than just white, while I insisted that at its core, the truck was just freaking white! 

I mean, I’m not denying the fact that it’s a shade of white, but he was dead set on saying that his truck wasn’t white, it was diamond pearl. Ridiculous.  

No one, at least, no one around me besides this fool, tells their lost friend, “Hey, you’re going to drive until you see the ashy gray car and turn in where the ruby red truck is parked in the driveway.” 


They say, “Hey drive until you see the gray car and turn in the driveway with a red truck.” They may add a few or more adjectives but not about the color! They throw adjectives to describe the horrible dent in the side of the truck or the dirt covering the car, not fancy color names. 

Am I wrong? Do y’all state the actual name of the color of your vehicle? Do you do that specifically for white cars, saying that it’s not just white, it’s eggshell white? 

We had, at least, a five-minute argument about the color issue and neither one of us yielded. All I know is I’m not calling his freaking truck diamond pearl!