An Aging Game for an Evolving Time

Whats next for Grand Theft Auto V

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By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Grand Theft Auto V is one of those games that once you start playing you can’t stop. Now, even years later the game seems to fill its servers and has a multitude of new players each day.

GTA V is one of the most controversial games out. Other than high-intensity violence and swearing there are brief moments of nudity and just a hint of gore. One of the most prolific examples is in the character introduction to Trevor. It shows Trevor, one of the main characters,¬† having intercourse then smashing another man’s head in with his boot. It is also controversial because of the encouragement to commit a crime, in other words, there is almost no way to make money other than commuting robberies and killing.

This is not what makes GTA V an aging game, what makes GTA an aging game is the graphics. In most other high budget games on the market, that feature a realistic setting, they have better graphics than GTA. One of the solutions to this problem is getting a better graphics engine. Currently, GTA V uses the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine, but this engine is aging and its starting to show. GTA V is a beautiful looking game and runs very smoothly but it could be better.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of those games that once you start playing you can’t stop. ”

Another crack in the game is the loading screens, which can be attributed to the games age. There are just too many cases where a single loading screen can last up to five or ten minutes. When the game first came out it could take up to thirty minutes to get to where you wanted to go.

Rockstar is a great company and has some amazing products, and it really shows the attention to detail and what the graphics team was able to accomplish with the lack of what now is high-tech technology. With that said they actually got a bit lazy. What I mean is there are copy pasted textures and repeating cycles in the game. Take the cars, for example, a player can often see that there are multiples of the same car and the same color at a single stoplight.

Even though some of these cracks are beginning to show, Grand Theft Auto V is still able to bring an entertaining and fun experience to players across the world.