George Strait and Cardi B Rodeo Ticket Sales

They are topping the charts for ticket sales.

By Kayle Trombley, Staff Writer

Every year when the Houston Rodeo comes to town, they try to get the best artists to perform and this year two of those artists are George Strait and Cardi B.

Tickets for their concerts sold out the first day. While fans were trying to get their tickets, the website closed them out. Some fans have blamed the rodeo website for not being able to get their tickets and losing their place in line. They started tweeting about how much the price is and how the website logged them out while they were getting their tickets. The rodeo has tried to fix the problem and for some people they fixed it and for others it still didn’t work.

Before the concert sold out, other websites bought the tickets to sale them to people for a cheaper or higher price. According to ABC13, Cardi B tickets have been sold at around $75, and George Strait tickets have been sold at $159. George Strait is in the lead for tickets sales, but is closely followed by Cardi B. Many websites still have tickets you can get, but there is a chance that they will cost more than what the original price was.