Traditions of the Chinese New Year

Learn of the many traditions celebrated around this time of the year!

By Walid Rashid, Staff Writer

Chinese New Year is one of the many amazing traditions celebrated around the world every year. The joyous festive event is celebrated annually in honor of the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and it can last up to 15 days. The event revolves around the traditional Chinese calendar and the lunar year. The years are symbolized with animals and the animal which has been chosen for the year is celebrated.

“Chinese New Year gives me a chance to connect with friends and family while enjoying the many traditions of the New Year””

— Jonathan Tan

On the eve of Chinese New Year, fireworks fill the sky to scare the monsters and evil spirits away. Firecrackers are rolled pieces of scarlet paper filled with gunpowder and the loud sounds created when they are set off are to help keep the evil spirits away. However, due to the pollution, the firecrackers leave behind, many cities have banned them. Therefore, fireworks are put on display through the 15 nights.

Another great tradition that happens during the Chinese New Year is that there are many parades and dances on the streets of major worldwide cities. One of the most common dances known to bring good luck is the lion dance accompanied with the dragon dances. Dancers go out in the streets in extravagant costumes symbolizing dragons/lions and put on a performance bring joy and festivity to all.

“Chinese New Year gives me a chance to connect with friends and family while enjoying the many traditions of the New Year, ” Jonathan Tan said.

Chinese New Year isn’t complete without the red lucky envelopes filled with money for all. The money is put into a red envelope symbolizing great wealth and prosperity and passed out by the elderly to their juniors. The money that is put in can range from a few dollars to large amounts of cash.

Families reunite, decorations of lanterns, foods such as mandarin oranges, and traditional music all play a role to make the festival a special event for all who celebrate it. Every family has their own form of celebrating the traditions but these are a few staples of the many.