Questions Club

Math club behind the scenes.


Maria Gleason

Damariz Serrano, Sandra Isiguzo, and Dr. Hren

By Maria Gleason

The Questions Club was founded this school year by Damariz Serrano with the help of Dr. Hren. The goal of this club is to create a community of students interested in the subject of mathematics who can work together to explore how mathematics can be used to solve problems and answer questions about the world. They also wish to form a competitive spirit among the members that are truly dedicated to math by competing in various numeric competitions.

Sandra Isiguzo said, “Well [Damariz and I] thought about forming the club because we both always had random questions that we would ask our sponsor, Dr. Hren. So I was kind of like, ‘dude we have all these questions we should honestly just form a club’ and then boom … Questions Club”

— Our club reflects on the contrary to that broad statement and shows how math can easily be applicable in today's realm,

To be a member of the Questions Club, you need to have an interest in math and have a positive attitude toward approaching new ideas! The club meets Wednesdays after school from 3:30 to 4:15 in room 2428. In the club, the members work on furthering their mathematical ability by conjoining multiple theories and concepts to solve unknown problems.

“For me, creating the club was more about creating an enjoyable and fun atmosphere to get more students interested in math. Typically, this subject has been overlooked and given a bad reputation for being ‘useless’ in the real world and overall boring. Our club reflects on the contrary to that broad statement and shows how math can easily be applicable in today’s realm,” Serrano said.

Many students would love to further their education in math and with this club, it is possible to do so.

A small idea can turn into a big opportunity. The Questions Club allows students to expand their number knowledge and just ask questions that they don’t feel comfortable asking in class.

“Damariz convinced me to be the sponsor because she gathered a bunch of really motivated students within the topic of math,” Dr. Hren said.