Fame Through the GrapeVINE

By Alesondra Cruz

It has been referred to as the “six second challenge”, but according to the inventor of this contemporary technology, 6 seconds is all you need. This challenge is better known as the Vine app. It is a mere infant in the social media world, existing for about 8 months now; however, its 40 million users and ever growing popularity is competing against the elders of social media.

While Vine creators say the test of composing a 6 second video with a seamless loop is what attracts people to their app, many teens simply open the application for endless laughs. Even businesses have caught on to this trend and want their share of this marketing bait. On top of that, what really sets Vine apart is the availability of fame it offers to the “average Joes ” of the world. No longer is social media fame for the well-known and famous, but for the normal class clowns of the suburbs.

Chandler Romere, a Junior, is a perfect example of the instant fame caused by Vine. Chandler’s friend uploaded a dance video for fun one night and “the next week people started remaking it and then now, people who are vine verified and famous have remade it”. Today this video has approximately 125,000 revines, 195,000 likes, and 15,000 comments!

Just through this one video Chandler and the other girls in her video have felt their share of fame. Not only has she gained a mammoth amount of followers, but has been recognized at the mall and town center! Chandler has risen from only having about 100 followers, to having almost 5000, all from one video.

If you are interested in becoming vine famous, Chandler suggests creativity as the way to go. “Its only 6 seconds…if you can make people laugh in a six second video…then I guess it’s pretty creative,” stated Romere . Whether attracted to Vine as a business man, an artist, comedian, or simply a viewer, there is no denying the new era and culture that’s beginning as the world jumps into the “six second challenge”.