New Tunes


By Drew Wesley

Farm – All Dogs

Columbus, Ohio trio All Dogs doesn’t disappoint with their first single from their newly released split tape with neighboring band, Slouch. Somewhere close to pop-punk, the soft vocals combined with a constant upbeat tempo will make you want to dance, take a road trip, or do both.



Goldroom – Embrace

Goldroom, the brainchild of producer Josh Legg, creates the perfect dance party playlist that feels a bit cooler than any other. Because of Ariela Jacobs’ soft guest vocals, the track isn’t harsh and is surprisingly easy to listen to regardless of whether you’re on a dance floor or in your bedroom.



Stand and Stare – Royal Headache

The newest single from Sydney punk band, Royal Headache, is what I like to call “head bobbing” and “small hopping” music. Best categorized as garage rock, “Stand and Stare” is a simple love song. While the vocals aren’t grating, they are loud and unfiltered, not unlike the message of the track.



Arcade Fire – Reflektor

The newest single from indie rock kings and queens Arcade Fire is in one word: incredible. Reminiscent of disco (but not overly so), the track doesn’t sound quite like anything else that’s currently out. While the band purposefully jumped on with the recent revival of 70’s-80’s pop, “Reflektor” is catchy in a way that can’t be overplayed. Check out the beautiful and innovative video project that corresponds with the song here.



King Krule – Neptune Estate

I’ve been a fan of King Krule’s Archy Marshall since day one. His new album, “6 Feet Beneath the Moon” is a blend of remastered Zoo Kid tracks and newer, more jazzy sounding King Krule songs. “Neptune Estate” was the second single released from the album. Marshall is only 19, and the song feels young but still easy to listen to at any age (my dad quite enjoys it).