Winning: “It’s an expectation from the top down.”

Practices, wins and predictions for the Longhorn football season.


By Dezmine Grant-Bell

The work ethic of a football player is different from all other athletes. It seems as if a football player’s work is never finished.

They aren’t able to stop. Slowing down is not an option. They crave the pain.

They enjoy sore muscles the morning after heavy lifting in the weight room; it means they’re putting in a lot of work.

It mean success.

This work they put in never goes unnoticed; it’s evident in the way they move on the field.




“We all are extremely hungry to get into the playoffs this year, “Coach Tullos says. “We win our games on Friday by the way we practice Monday through Thursday.”

And it shows. Whistles, yells and football pads and helmets smashing together are the only sounds that echo off the walls of the field house after school.

The endurance of a football player is matched by no other, “ I put in a lot of work, weight lifting, running, foot ladders, basically just trying to keep my foot work together Varsity, Linebacker, Clarence Clark.” I don’t allow myself to sit I have to be moving because while I’m sitting still someone is out there getting better.” Clark says. Practices are a marvel to watch, you see team members pushing each other along not allowing any one to show weakness. “We are a family. These guys are like my brothers, they always give me a reason to do better.” Varsity Defensive Backer, Chris Castellano says. Practices are no cake walk “It’s tough at times but it takes a lot to be the best.” Varsity Defensive Backer, Tyler Ellis says. They practice Monday-Thursday for At least and 1 and a half in temperatures that sometimes reach the 100’s, but that doesn’t seem to affect them at all. “Practices are always challenging and demanding” Coach Tullos says

The Longhorns have already gained enough momentum to go on a solid stampede, winning their first three games against Fort Bend Austin, Kingwood Park and Goose Creek Memorial.

“It felt amazing to win our first two games, we put in a lot of work to become the team that we are now,” Varsity defensive tackle senior Trent Woods says.

“We have eighteen starters back — I see them making a difference in experience and work ethic,” Tullos says. Two starters that has returned this season and have branded their names in our stats — juniors Timon Nolan, voted The Chron’s athlete of the week, and Torin Marks.

Marks also made not one but two game changing interceptions against Fort Bend Austin.

“On the first interception, Torin just did a great job reading the quarterback’s eyes. He knew what formation they were in and knew what pass combination they like to run in that formation. He played with intelligence and instinct,” defensive Coach Michael Swaningan says. “[On] the second interception, he really showed how athletic he is. He got a good jump on the ball and cut off the receiver to make the interception. Then, [he used] his speed to return the interception for a touchdown.”

Against Kingwood Nolan showed us what the true definition of an athlete is. Running for a fifty yard touchdown, but he didn’t stop there Nolan ended the game with five rushing touchdowns and one pass, “We started strong and I wanted to make sure that we ended that way,”  Nolan stated.

Last Friday our Longhorns traveled all the way to Stallworth Stadium in Bay City, seeking to avenge themselves after last year’s loss, and they did just that.

Junior Timon Nolan’s forty-three yard touchdown pass to Xavian Marks started off the game right. Following that was, Senior, Collins Kwabena’s two touchdown runs which included a seventy-five yarder. Sophomore, Darius Anderson, left the crowd in awe after running an outstanding 51 yard touchdown to seal the game. The Longhorns defensive line which included La Dontia Jones, Kingsley Keke, Matt Heinrich, and Braden Burns kept Goose Creek’s offensive line at a standstill.

“Our goals for the season in order are make it to playoffs, win District Championship, and our ultimate goal is to win a state championship.” Coach Tullos says. “I see us taking that trophy home, and making sure that everybody in the state of Texas knows that George Ranch High school aint to be messed with,” Senior Clarence Clark says. That type of unshakeable faith is what will lead our boys in maroon to the Championship that they so deserve.