Culture Appreciation

Hannah Guehria is a multicultural person with a love for other countries cultures and ideals.


Ramy Guehria

Hannah visits the Eiffel Tower in her hometown Paris, France.

By Emily Mireles, Staff Writer

There’re many cultures out there in the world which all have different traditions, languages, clothing, food, and more. The curiosity of other cultures has increased greatly in society recently. Music is now in a variety of languages and is getting popular; even international clothing trends are spreading across the world.

Hannah Guehria was born and raised in Paris, France and is also Algerian. She moved to the United States before the 6th grade, and now, at 15, lives in Sugar Land, Texas.

Her hobbies consist of normal teenage girl activities such as shopping, watching TV shows, and sleeping. She also has a love for Japanese and Algerian food.

“When I lived in Paris, in front of my house there was a Japanese restaurant called Osaka and my dad always took me there,” Guehria said.

Hannah wants to go to Japan and South Korea because she’s been developing her language skills for the past couple of months.

Everyone is all mixed. Getting to know each other and learn each other’s backgrounds is, I think, a very positive thing,

— Hannah Guehria

“Their culture is pretty amazing… I want to see Mount Fuji and see all the old temples and mountains and food,” Guehria said.

What got her into these cultures was her closest friends, as well as her family. Being a multicultural person herself, she’s used to understanding and practicing multiple traditions.

“I like Japanese, South Korean, French and Algerian [culture] because I’m used to it and it’s very nice and pure. Japanese and South Korean because they are very respectful, and their values are very important to them like how Algeria’s values and traditions are very important to us. They are like us.”

Hannah’s views on the spread of culture appreciation are positive, and she thinks of it as a wonderful aspect that’s been recently in the media and society.

“Everyone is all mixed. Getting to know each other and learn each other’s backgrounds is, I think, a very positive thing,” Guehria said.

There could be many reasons for the growth in the interest of other cultures, such as social media. Social media shares information on people from all over the globe and people are always openly stating their views and how they live their lives.

“We are in a new generation…before it was all about traditions in their own countries but since people started moving, and showing their cultures, it spreads.”

But as much as culture appreciation is a good society aspect, it can also be a touchy subject depending on the culture. Hannah, who comes from a strict background, feels that there’s a limit to certain actions a person should do to show appreciation for a certain culture.

“It could be offensive but language I think it’s alright if they speak it, great. But if you come from a different country, like if you go to Algeria and pretend to be Algerian, wear their clothes… they are not going to treat you the same as if you’re Algerian,” Guehria said.

As Hannah states, it could come off offensive to certain cultures and countries. Older European countries and even her culture tends to be stricter on topics like that; however, when it comes to learning the language and living there, it’s a different story.

“If you’re learning their language, you can speak like them, you can talk to them in their language…They will be happy about it,” Guehria said.

But in the end, showing appreciation for each other’s backgrounds can lead our future and society to an even better place.

“Because we are all the same… We should all understand each other because we are all the same. World peace, you know?”