Swimming Upstream


By Sara Vivas

For incoming freshman, high school can mean new stresses, but it can also mean new friends, new freedom, and new experiences. Just like any other big change in life, there are positive aspects, but also difficulties that need to be overcome.

For freshman Kyley Weigl, high school has meant more freedom, but also more hard work. At George Ranch, many freshmen feel like little fish in a big pond. “In junior high, we were the oldest, but now we’re the youngest,” Weigl says.

The freshmen make up more than 500 members of our Ranch family. Having the fish here has made our pond a little more packed, and both Weigl and fellow freshman, Shauna Heisler, see that in the hallways, and in their classes. “When I walked into the school on the first day, I realized how big and crowded our school is,” Heisler states.

Heisler has realized that she is more tired and definitely has more homework than she did in eighth grade. One thing that has helped her transition into high school is playing in the band. Because she started summer band camp on August 1st, Heisler was able to make new friends who were upperclassmen. “I was going into the first day with a new group of friends already,” Heisler says.  She plays the flute in the top band at George Ranch, so she knows that hard work and dedication mean success. “I want to be good at flute, and you can’t be without practice,” says Heisler.

Freshman Orientation is another way new freshmen can ease the transition into high school. Freshmen attending “Fish Camp” have the chance to tour George Ranch and better understand the campus. They also meet new friends and find out where the most important places are within the school before it begins. Weigl says going to the orientation was really helpful. “It helped me get to know the lay of the land and find the main places that I would need to know before the school year started,” Weigl says.

The freshmen may feel like they are swimming against the current with the extra work and stress high school brings, but before they know it, they will have made it all the way upstream and it will be time to graduate.