Howdie Sebastian Colin!

Sebastian Colin is a senior goalie on the George Ranch soccer team who enjoys the game and the friendships made.

Howdie Sebastian Colin!

By Kylie Walters, Staff Writer

The Wrangler: How long have you been involved in soccer? 

Colin: I have been playing soccer since I was seven, but I started playing for the school freshman year. 

The Wrangler: Who inspired you to begin this?

Colin: My dad inspired me to play soccer because he played through college and wanted me to carry on his legacy.

The Wrangler: What position do you play and have you always played this spot?

Colin: I play goalie, and no I used to play striker (the front middle), but when I was 14 I was playing on my old team and my coach needed someone to play goalie and I volunteered just to try something new, and I ended up loving it. 

The Wrangler: When did you know this was your position?

Colin: I knew this was my position when every weekend I asked my coach to play goalie instead of striker; I had so much fun playing it. 

The Wrangler: Where has your favorite game been? 

Colin: My most favorite game I have had was when I went to Mexico to play for the summer and at the end of our time there, we played against our bunkmates and everyone knew each other, so it was so much fun and competitive. 

The Wrangler: Why do you go to practice every day and keep on playing?

Colin: I go to practice every day because I know the more I practice the better I will get and that is super inspiring to me. 

The Wrangler: Being such an important position, how do you rely on the other players to assist you?

Colin: I rely on my defensive players the most because they are my shield. I know if they can’t get to the ball then it’s all on me. 

The Wrangler: What ways does the team work together? 

Colin: The team works together by assisting one another and passing the ball to whoever is the most open. 

The Wrangler: Describe what it’s like playing your position

Colin: It can be very nerve-wracking playing goalie because it’s all up to me if the other team scores. It is intense when you see a herd of players running at you and one with the ball, and you know his only intention is to get it passed me into the goal. 

The Wrangler: If you mess up, what do you tell yourself to stay motivated? 

Colin: If I mess up, I tell myself not to give up because there will be another chance where I can prove myself. 

The Wrangler: What is the most memorable game you have had? 

Colin: The most memorable game I have had was when I was playing against a team that my best friend was on and he was trying to score on me, but I made sure to catch his ball and we just had a great time and joked around when we were supposed to be serious. 

The Wrangler: Do you plan to continue with your career after high school?

Colin: I do not plan to continue playing in college, I will play for fun whenever I can. 

The Wrangler: How do you plan to succeed in this goal? 

Colin: When I go to college, I plan to find a recreational team on campus that plays about once a week, so I can have time for my studies but also keep up with soccer. 

The Wrangler: Who is your biggest supporter?

Colin: My biggest supporter is my dad because he groomed me to play ever since I was little and shows up to every game ready to cheer me on no matter what the circumstance is.