“I’ll Be Okay”

This time of year, many students are becoming sick due to the flu. They aren’t resting, in fear of losing exemptions, but they are only causing more problems.


Nathan Plunk

Germ-X and tissues can be a great way to stop the spread of sickness!

By Nathan Plunk, Staff Writer

“Are you feeling ok?”

“No, I’m still sick, but I don’t want to lose my exemptions, I’ll be fine.”

If I had a nickel for every time I heard this, I would be richer than Elon Musk. In the middle of flu season, many students are dropping like flies. They may stay home and rest one or two days, but there is no way that these students are losing their exemptions.

This creates many problems, the biggest one being the fact that all they’re going to accomplish is getting others sick. The body needs time to rest, and school is anywhere but the place. You’re constantly moving around and doing things, with almost no down time. Not only that, but you’re touching things… constantly.

The solution to this is to simply have doctors notes not count towards exemptions.”

You borrow a pencil from a teacher, and then give it back.

You open a door, where hundreds of other teachers and students will touch.

You sit at the same desk as other students.

You talk and communicate with people.

School is full of interactions, and with so many people in one place, it’s the perfect place to spread disease. Sadly, some students just don’t have the courtesy to stay home. This may be confusing, as most kids don’t enjoy school, and don’t want to come, but the threat of losing exemptions and having to take Finals at the end of the semester is enough to make any kid go to school.

This can be easily fixed. Everyone knows about excused and unexcused absences. However, they don’t mean much in terms of exemptions. The only way to have an absence not count towards your exemptions is to have a school related function (field trip, competition, etc.). The solution to this is to simply have doctors notes not count towards exemptions. This way students would be getting the rest they need, not be getting others sick, and not lose exemptions. Now, this may get out of hand if people abuse this method, in which case you could simply limit the amount of doctors notes.

The way it would work would be something like this: a student is absent due to a sickness for three days. The limit to the amount of doctor note absences could be, let’s say, five days. Say that same student misses school to go to a wedding. That would count for one of the three regular absences. Later in the semester, they get sick for three more days again (with a doctors note). Two of those days would count for the doctors absence, thus filling up the five given. The third day would then carry over to the normal absence count, giving the student one more absence until their exemption gets taken away.

This may sound a little complicated, and it’s certainly not the only way to solve this problem. However, there is a problem with sickness, and it desperately needs a solution.

You can do your part by staying home and resting whenever you get sick. Just sacrifice a small (and almost insignificant) thing to keep you, and your classmates healthy.