TikTok Ban Has Teens Terrified

TikTok is an app where young adults and teens post short 15 second to 1 minute videos. With the app becoming very popular around 2018, users are frightened by the said banning of the app.


Wikimedia Commons https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/98/TikTok_1.jpg

TikTok fans are filled with fear from the attempt by President Trump to ban the app from Apple Store and Google App stores.

By Kaitlyn Rodriguez, Staff Writer

There has been lots of controversy with the app TikTok. In recent months, President Trump has threatened to ban and extinct the platform from all app stores in the United States. This problem arose when anti-Trump teens promoted and reserved thousands of tickets to one of his many rallies, specifically his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally on June 20, 2020. On the app Trump’s campaign even tweeted out that over 500,000 tickets were requested for the rally. According to the Tulsa Fire Marshall, out of 19,000 seats in the BOK Center, approximately 6,200 tickets were scanned at the event. This lead Trump on an angry rampage, threatening to ban the app in America due to “security issues” since the company is based in China.

Fast forward to September 27, 2020, after three months of empty threats, an order was presented before Judge Carl Nichols by the Trump administration, that ordered the immediate removal of TikTok from Apple and Google app stores. Fortunately, Judge Nichols ruled in favor of TikTok and dismissed the removal order. Unfortunately, Judge Nichols did not block the “broader ban set to come into effect November 12, 2020, in the U.S., which could effectively make TikTok unusable.” TikTok is now partnering up with ByteDance, Oracle, and Walmart in hopes of keeping the app up and running.