Will it end?

Coronavirus has impacted my life, including the millions of the others that soon hope for the better behind all the madness.


Mika Baumeister https://unsplash.com/photos/uz_T7h8ds04

There has currently been 15.9 Million cases of Covid-19 in the United States.

By Bukola Moyosore, Staff Writer

Beyond the shadow of a doubt I completely regret losing the daily lifestyle I took for granted before Corona occurred.

The past few months of chaos were filled with curiosity wondering if life would ever go back to its normal ways, but at last I felt defeated in the end. As school rolled by, I was one of the virtual students that lost motivation day by day feeling as though I was finally against the world.

I wanted something to change, fast. I constantly heard from others “Don’t worry, it’ll soon go back to normal”, “This is just temporary“…but even then I knew that none of that was true, I mean who was I kidding?

I’ve seen my parents watch the news daily as the death toll the media shows rose. I was mad at myself that I couldn’t do anything to help the people that were contacted by this horrid disease. It’s sad when I hear how some percentage of people take this situation in an unconcerned manner. It is the same bigots that don’t believe in the power of wearing a mask and socially distancing. The same hypocrites that argue about Covid-19 being a hoax but as soon as their loved ones or even themselves get it, they finally start to fall apart.

Though this time period with COVID-19 obviously played a negative role in my life, it was also an awakening. I now know to be even more grateful for the people that are currently with me.

As individuals, including myself, are currently social distancing as best as possible, I felt distant towards everything. It felt like I was trying so hard to grasp onto everything but they all slowly faded away because of Corona virus. The activities at school that I was excited to do as a senior, hanging out with my closest companions, all gone. But, for the safety of everyone, I was fine with it all being gone.

I hate that everyone has to constantly live in fear.

But most importantly, I hate how this disease takes the lives of people who deserved to live a good life.

I hope I can still un-pause and live the life I used to.

But what if it doesn’t?