Showerhead Confessions

I shamelessly confess before God, my showerhead and everybody that I am irrevocably an addict of music.


Photo by Anna Robertson

By Katelyn Keeling

I am addicted to music.

And I say this in complete, honest sincerity. I can’t motivate myself enough to leave the natural grumpy bear attitude under covers in the morning without turning on Ray LaMontagne’s “Till the Sun Turns Black” album or Local Native’s “Gorilla Manor”. When it comes to artsy DIY projects with my mom – like spending three weeks decorating senior spirit overalls or the lengthy mum/garter making process – nothing gets done unless I turn my extensive Frank Sinatra collection on shuffle.

But I think the time I need to stay focused on the task at hand is shower time. My brother is extremely hygienic and takes two showers a day – sometimes more depending on the day’s activities. Because of this, I have twenty minutes tops with the showerhead. It’s really easy to get distracted in the warm, enclosed space thinking about either everything imaginable or absolutely nothing at all. In order to prevent this, I have a shower playlist that keeps me serenading my showerhead with good tunes – and under my twenty minute limit.

But out of my entire shower playlist, MGMT’s “Oracular Spectacular” is one of my favorites, hands down.  Maybe it’s the light retro feel mixed with the indie and electronic element. Whatever the case, it’s extremely difficult not to groove with my shampoo.

Oracular Spectacular feels kind of like the easy high your stomach gets when you ride a roller coaster. It’s a summer day with nothing to do. It’s a late-night concert with your best friend. It’s a chocolate milkshake from Whataburger with fries. It’s exhilaratingly fun; it’s dance-around-your-room-in-your-underwear good.

And then, there’s always classic Bon Iver. “For Emma, Forever Ago will irrevocably be one of my favorite albums. It’s a rainy day with a good book. It’s a cup of coffee on Christmas morning. It’s the smell of smoky woods in the winter. It’s seeing your breath for the first time since last winter.  Bon Iver is haunting and swollen with passion. “For Emma, Forever Agoeasily encompasses both heartbreak and love in a well arranged sweater-weather album. I’ve always imagined myself listening to it sitting in some remote cabin somewhere with a cup of coffee, bundled in moose sweaters and Native American moccasins or something. I guess that sinking to my nose in a bubble bath with the lights down low, candles flickering my favorite woodsy smell around the room will have to suffice.

And, who doesn’t jam to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé? Let’s be honest: in the shower, I AM Beyoncé. I totally rock the tiled mini-stage that is my shower.

After I’m squeaky clean and the suds have gone down the drain, my playlist plays on with good jams. Especially before heading off for a long shift at work, my musical loves pump me up with upbeat tunes. So rock out for yourself. Rock out for your shampoo bottle. Sing at the top of your lungs.

Rock out, because life is good.

Kids // MGMT

Single Ladies // Beyoncé

Black Cat // Mayday Parade

Breaking Down // Florence + The Machine

Closer // Ne-Yo

Off to the Races // Lana Del Rey

Long Legs // The Magic Numbers

Diet Mountain Dew // Lana Del Rey

All This and Heaven Too // Florence + The Machine

Amber Lynn // Mayday Parade

Anna Sun // Walk the Moon

Bad Girls // M.I.A

Kiss with a Fist // Florence + The Machine

Birthday Cake // Rihanna (ft. Chris Brown)

Blinding // Florence + The Machine

Dance, Dance, Dance // Lykke Li

Brick by Boring Brick // Paramore

Burnin’ Up // Jonas Brothers

Bye Bye Bye // *NSYNC

Camera Talk // Local Natives

Campus // Vampire Weekend

This is What Makes Us Girls // Lana Del Rey

Dark Blue // Jack’s Mannequin

American Idiot // Green Day

Electric Feels // MGMT

Eyes Wide Open // Gotye

Forever Lost // The Magic Numbers

The Girl from Ipanema // Frank Sinatra

Girls Love Beyonce // Drake (ft. James Fauntleroy)

Heart Skipped a Beat // the xx

Heartlines // Florence + The Machine

How Do You Sleep? // Jesse McCartney

If I Ever Feel Better // Phoenix

In My Head // Jason Derulo

Into the Ocean // Blue October

Jamie All Over // Mayday Parade

Kill the Director // The Wombats

Here We Go // *NSYNC

Lemme See // Usher (ft. Rick Ross)

Let’s Go Surfing // The Drums

Make Me Proud // Drake (ft. Nicki Minaj)

Million Dollar Man // Lana Del Rey

Mr. Brightside // The Killers

My Girl // The Temptations

National Anthem // Lana Del Rey

No Light, No Light // Florence + The Machine

Polish Girl // Neon Indian

Pour it Up // Rihanna

Radar Detector // Darwin Deez

Seven Devils // Florence + The Machine

S.O.S // Jonas Brothers

Seventeen Forever // Metro Station

Shooting the Moon // OK Go

Somebody Told Me // The Killers

Someday // The Strokes

Summertime Sadness // Lana Del Rey

Why Don’t We Just Dance // Josh Turner

Whiskey’s Gone // Zac Brown Band

Wicked Games // The Weeknd

Work Out // J Cole

1901 // Phoenix