Want Extra Money For College?


Photo by Alesondra Cruz

By Alesondra Cruz

It is no secret that college students are constantly on the search for money. College is expensive, and who honestly wants to eat Ramen noodles every night? So how can college students avoid this desperation for money? The answer is simple: take AP classes in high school.

It is true that taking an AP class can boost your GPA and make you look super smart in front of your classmates. However, beyond that, if you score well on an AP exam you can exempt that class in college. This may not initially sound like a big deal, but in reality this is where money starts to come into the picture.

As mentioned earlier, college classes cost an arm and a leg. Getting out of  merely one college class will save a wad full of cash in the future. The Spanish 4 AP class started the year off with an assignment to see just how much money each student could save by simply taking the class in high school. After research for this project, it was discovered that if one student received a 3 out of 5 ( the scale being 1-5, 5 being the best) on the exam, they would receive six language credits at their top college choice. Six credits is equivalent to $11,ooo. Now if that doesn’t begin to make you consider AP classes — just wait. If that student makes a 4 on the exam (which multiple George Ranch students did last year) they would receive 12 credits. That is a total of $22,000 off the cost of tuition simply from taking one AP class. Starting to consider it now?

Sophomore Jerry Yang  focused his research on a well-known school in the Houston area, Rice University. At this specific university the cost per credit is almost $6,000, and if Yang were to attend, he could save almost $20,000.  This school will only accept 4’s and 5’s on AP exams, yet Yang and Mrs. Kennett, the Spanish 4 teacher, have no doubt that Yang can achieve that score.

Mrs. Kennet has helped several students understand the importance of AP classes through the project. In fact, it is one of her favorite assignments of the year.

“For most of them it becomes a big surprise when all of a sudden they’re realizing they’re saving thousands  and thousands and thousands of dollars by taking those AP classes, and they add up really really fast,” Kennet said. “I believe everyone should look into that when they are walking into their AP classes.”

The George Ranch faculty is filled with AP teachers committed to helping students succeed and essentially make some cash! So for those of you struggling in your AP class right now, don’t give up. Mrs. Kennett has an encouraging message for all AP students.

“[They should] keep going to realize that they are getting ready for something much bigger and that the work they put into it will pay off,” Kennet said.