How I Found Out Santa Wasn’t Real

Santa isn’t real.


These are a few stories about how Longhorns stopped believing in Santa Claus and some of whom never believed.


‘”When I was six, my mom and I, we talked about the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny and she told me the Easter Bunny wasn’t real. So I asked “is Santa real?” – Because Santa couldn’t possibly be real if the Easter Bunny wasn’t. She kept telling me yes, so I basically fought with her about it until finally she yelled “What do you want me to tell you, Santa isn’t real? Fine Santa isn’t real!”‘

-Grace Elliott


‘”Actually it’s kind of a funny. I had my doubts about it in 4th grade but I had a bad flu during Christmas that year. I was hallucinating. Swear I saw reindeer or something on the roof, I don’t’ know what I saw. I believed it till 6th grade until my mom accidently said Santa isn’t real. She had been telling me not to tell my brother. I was like “What. What do you know about Santa? Santa isn’t real?” She felt bad [and said,] “I’m the worst mother in the world.”‘

-Katelyn Keeling


“I think, actually, I pretended to all my life. I was really logical and it didn’t make any sense. It wasn’t possible, on the other side of the world it had already been Christmas. [I was eight or nine] when I told my mom I don’t believe but I’ll pretend for the younger kids.”

-Jordan Bradley


“We were never told about Santa. My parents started Christmas with us [my siblings and I] because everyone else was doing it so why not.”

-Phoebe Diep


“I guessed that my parent did it. I didn’t believe after seven years old.”

-Jeffery Bonilla


‘”Once I was in elementary school I didn’t believe. Then I started wondering “How is this happening?” My mom told me. But my sister, she believed up till fifth grade, but my mom had to tell her no he wasn’t real and burst her dreams.”‘

-Sara Vivas


“When I was in the middle of elementary school either first, second, or third [grade]. I don’t know exactly, early elementary [I stopped believing in Santa].[However] A girl still believed in fifth grade and everyone made fun of her for it.”

-Alesondra Cruz