Howdie, Faith Tabak

Howdie, Faith Tabak

By Megan Perrin

Name: Faith Tabak

Grade: Junior

Age: 17

Birthday: May 7

Favorite Color: Purple

Cat or Dog Person?: Both. She has a dog, cat and a parakeet that can say “kiss me kiss me I’m a pretty bird”

Siblings: Three siblings; two younger step siblings both a girl and boy, and an older brother by three years

Dad: Former acrobat from the carnival…


Faith Tabek has a pretty interesting background. Her father’s side of the family has a history of being in the carnival and Tabak along with older brother Trenton are the first ones to break the tradition. Her father, wanting to be able to provide for a family on his own, left the carnival, met Tabak’s mother in a dance club, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Tabak’s upbringing was far different than her father’s own rigorous training in childhood. But just because she wasn’t raised to work in the carnival doesn’t mean she didn’t inherit the skills that would allow her to. Tabak wants to pursue a career in dance. Her goal is to attend UCLA in California and at the same time try and capture a gig with the dance companies just around the corner. She’s planning on juggling both studying communication in college along with going to dance rehearsals and performances.

Does she ever plan to accompany the rest of her family in the carnival business? Not quite. Her father deliberately raised his children in a different environment than his own. Not having the lifestyle of the business, she doesn’t have any desire to join in. However, just because that isn’t her profession doesn’t mean she doesn’t visit the rest of her family in their work environment. Her family travels all over, and whenever they’re in town she’s eager to visit and support them.