Addison Rae’s Lost Album

Addison Rae wasn’t taken seriously with the drop of her first song but do her lost songs redeem her?


By Go Sip, Girl, Tea Spiller In Chief

Addison Rae is a TikToker who has been relevant since the blow-up success of the app in 2017. She’s known for her videos of her dancing to trends and such, but last year she released a song called “Obsessed”. The song didn’t perform well(Which we knew before she published :p ) with the media and her music career didn’t look like it was going anywhere, but that (sadly) didn’t stop her from recording a lot more music. The thing is this music was never released and is now considered Addison’s “lost” album. Even though it never got released that doesn’t mean that people haven’t got their hands on those unreleased songs (like me, ADDI PLEASE IM YOUR NUMBER ONE FAN) and they have actually gone a little bit viral. This is the deep dive into Addison’s unreleased album and the success or lack their of.

The two first songs that were leaked were her songs ‘I Got It Bad ‘and ‘Nothing On But The Radio’. ‘I Got It Bad’ is a short 3 minute track that showed off her hyper-pop vocals and was way different than her debut Obsessed. Nothing On But The Radio is a song that was passed down from Lady Gaga who previously recorded it in 2009. It took 4 months before superfluous amounts of leaked songs hit the internet. One song, “2 die 4” went extremely viral on TikTok with it’s catchy chorus. People were starting to see that Addison’s music can actually be enjoyable and isn’t stuck into the trope of TikTokers can’t sing. Even though she has exceeded some people’s expectations there is still a fair sum of people that still don’t give her a chance and give unfair hate. Maybe in the future she will release a new music project that will show her strengths. Addison please drop the album!

What do you girlies think about this? Is Addison a Bop or Flop?

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