Howdie, Mrs. Davis


Occupation: AP European History and AP Human Geography Teacher

Time at George Ranch: 2 years

Clubs/Organizations: Sponsor of Cinematography Club and Academic World Quest

Mrs. Davis is passionate about her work.

She tirelessly works to bring her classroom to life. She achieves this by allowing her students to participate in lively and entertaining activities like field trips to the Renaissance festival or making and bringing foods from around the world to school. She uses these projects to show the exciting side to subjects that could be perceived as boring.

“I think being in this room can be enjoyable, but you do have to work. We have fun when we work,” said Mrs. Davis.

Mrs. Davis did not particularly love attending school as an adolescent and because of this she is constantly challenging herself to find activities that are “hands on” and interactive. “I’m always thinking about, ‘Ugh if I were a kid in this class I would think this was boring,’ so I find another way to teach it interactively,” said Mrs. Davis.

Mrs. Davis seems to rarely ever leave the school, she arrives early in the morning and leaves late into the afternoon. She is unquestionably dedicated to her job and it shows through her students adoration of her. “She had faith that we would be able to succeed,” said Alessondra Cruz.

“I think she was an awesome teacher,” said Megan Perrin. Both girls agree that Mrs. Davis was a great teacher and she helped them to build a firm foundation for their future AP classes.

In addition to her daytime job, she also donates her room to the Cinematography Club after school and helped to jump start the TEDx group. She is drawn to TED because “It is geography and it gives real world examples to provide for my students,” said Mrs. Davis. Though she is no longer the sponsor for the group here at George Ranch “[she] envisions the club putting together for an event [at school],” said Mrs. Davis.

There is no question that Mrs. Davis is an exceptional teacher, and she is going to do great things while here at George Ranch. After only teaching here for one full year, it is evident that she has made an impact on her students’ lives and she will continue to do so.