The Truth of La Llorona

Go Sip Girl goes festive in a special spooky edition of the column.


By Go Sip Girl

Warning: This story contains mentions of murder, suicide and rejection.

Hey Girlies, It Go Sip Ghoul here. And in spirit of Halloween we will be talking about ICONIC Halloween myths and legends.

The first Ghoulie on our list is La Llorona, or The Weeping Woman. First off, let’s make something CLEAR: I do not play when comes to supernatural stuff, I hate even JOKING about the supernatural. However due to the position of my job I have to.  So La Llorana, girl to girl, icon to icon, I’m letting you know that I will be coming for you, but DO NOT come for me.

So let’s begin.

La Llorona, originally based in Mexico, is a story about a woman who killed her kids due to the lack of attention from her husband (uhhhh….).

The story goes that a woman named Maria married a rich man, eventually having two kids with him.  Later on in their marriage he started to work more and would be home less; whenever he was home he only paid attention to his kids instead of his wife. One day while out with her kids she sees her husband with another women (TEAAAAA, GIRLY IMAGINE!! just kidding, I’m single, like soooooo single). Going into a jealous rage, she takes her kids down to the river and drowns both of them.  After realizing what she’s done, she then drowns herself to be with her kids.

When arriving at heaven’s gate, she was denied entry and sent to purgatory to look for her dead kids (slay justice).  Now La Llorana roams the rivers of Mexico and parts of the United States to find her dead kids.

What do we think Ghoulies?  Was this story KILLER?

We know you love us,

TTYL Go Sip Girl