The Stars Of the Half Time Show

On September 15, at George Ranch High School, the Belles and Lariettes show out at homecoming.

Longhorn Lucy waiting for her family to come back.

By Abigail Leon, Student Life Editor

On September 15th, George Ranch brought homecoming to the ranch. It was filled with crowning, games, rowdiness, and performances. Among those performances was the George Ranch Lariettes and Belles. Our Lariettes and Belles brought an entertaining and fun performance to the field. On either sides of the field were the Belles while the Lariettes were in the middle.

The Lariettes gave a spectacular show while showcasing all of their talented dancers. The Lariettes say that getting to perform on the field during homecoming season is one of their favorite parts of being on the Drill Team. The eye catching movements made the audience struggle from looking away.

This was the first year the Belles were welcome to join the Lariettes on the field after the disease called Covid-19 hit the world. Going into this important performance the Belles were nervous but excited to show their coordinated and impressive moves. Mikayla Broussard, one of the captains of the group, said that the preparation for the performance was not only stressful but rewarding, and that is what made the countless amount of stress worth it.

Aside from giving a talented performance on the field, the dancers spend their time on the bleachers encouraging the football players to stay strong and continue doing their best. When a touchdown is scored the band plays the iconic melody which follows by the drill team doing their favorite routine.

You can see the Lariettes perform at both the home and away varsity football games in the stands! The Belles perform at the junior varsity football games on the track right behind George Ranch!