Thank You Mr. Suri!


Camdyen Tate

Then vs. Now of Mr. Suri

By Daryn, O'Neal

It is always a privilege to have a member of our Longhorn staff who shows continued dedication, love, and passion for their craft.  As one can imagine, having a staff member who has been a part of our family ever since our school opened, is a luxury that not everyone gets to experience. However, GRHS has been blessed to experience the absolute best from our Chief Custodian, Mr. Ramon Suri, who is retiring after more than a decade at George Ranch High School.

Mr. Suri has been in the LCISD district for twenty years. He worked at Lamar High Sch00l for nine years. He got the offer to start working at George Ranch before the school opened in 2010. And for him, the transfer was an easy decision.

” I wanted to challenge myself and try something new,” Ramon Suri said.

Ever since then he has been a force to be reckoned with at our school.  Whether it is coordinating, cleaning, or instructing other janitors.  ” I do it all.  Whatever has to be done, has to get done.” Suri said.

After years of hard work and dedication, Suri has decided to turn towards the simple life with his wife and his freshly bought land where he plans to raise cattle.

He has been with us through our triumphs and tribulations. He has been out in the spotlight and behind the scenes making sure that everything is running smoothly. It is only fitting to spotlight Mr. Suri one last time before he starts the next chapter in his life. However he still has one final message for us.

I wish you all the luck in the world, and keep us the good work.”

— Ramon Suri

His school spirit, persistence, and experience at this school, year in and year out, makes him deserving of all the gratitude in the world.  So let us take the time to say,  ” Thank you Mr. Suri.”

Love, the Longhorns of the 2022-2023 school year!