Howdie, Jasmin “Jazmyn” Eldaour

Junior Jasmin is your average high schooler. Well, other than the fact that she renamed herself as “Jazmyn”, wears admirably edgy clothes, and has an eccentric personality.

VN: I heard you weren’t born in Texas, where are you from? Do you miss it there?003

JE: I was born in San Francisco, California. I miss my old friends even though I’ve still been in touch with them. I also miss the scenery.

VN: How did you come up with “Jazmyn”?

JE: My entire life in Cali, I’ve spelled my name as “Jasmine” . When I moved to Texas I actually found out that my dad accidentally forgot the “e” in my legal name, so it’s just “Jasmin”. I didn’t find out till I moved to Texas because in Cali they spelled it my preferred way, “Jasmine” so it was like a big revelation to me . I just wanted a more unique spelling to my name That’s when I started experimenting with different spellings. I saw that “Jazmyn” was the name of a celebrity’s sister; I’m not sure which one though, but I liked it.

VN: Why do you think “Jazmyn” is more “you”? Do you think this’ll be a permanent change for you?

JE: I just wanted a more unique spelling to my name so I liked “Jazmyn” and it just stuck. It probably won’t be permanent. When I get older, I hope to legally add an “e” in my name so I can move on. Spelling my name uniquely is probably just a phase.

VN: What are some things you do in your free time other than change your name?

JE: I do like sketching designs. I started to sketch fashion in the sixth grade.

VN: You do have a great sense of style. How would you describe it?

JE: I don’t call it anything; I call it myself.

VN: Is your style inspired by anyone?

JE: I like Alexa Chung and Jenn Im.

VN: What are your favorite stores?

JE: Top Shop and American Apparel.