Football Season

         With the start of football season comes an excitement that can be unmatched by any other event on campus year-round. Students and faculty stride united through the halls with a sense of child-like optimism. The players stand strong and proud as they make it through the long day of class before they hit the field. Dressed in maroon, students discuss plans to go to the game. The excitement and nerves are almost tangible.

         Students chant their loyalties to maroon and black, and they jump up and down as the boys of fall run onto the field for the first time in the 2011 fall season.

         The boys in maroon were both nervous and excited for the first game. Chris Greer (11) said, “I was pumped up but also had the butterflies knowing that many of my family, friends, and community were going to be there.”

         The cheerleaders, Lariettes, and band were also excited for the start of football season. Ashley Wood (11), Lariette officer, said, “The day of the first game I was really excited to finally be able to get back out on the field and dance!”

          All of these organizations have been preparing for the start of football season since the summer. The Lariettes had line camp and traveled to Newk’s in New Braunfels for teambuilding camp where they learned their dances. The band prepared with “Summer Band,” an eight-hour everyday summer program that began August 1. Cheerleaders traveled to cheer camp and had practice every day in August, and the football team has had summer practices.

         “By the time the first football game finally came, I was feeling a mixture of excitement and nerves,” said Tori Matta (11), drum major. “We had succeeded in learning the first movement to our show, but I wasn’t 100% sure we could make it look good yet. But we did! The show was great, and all of the band members had a ton of fun playing in the stands.”

          Students and faculty anticipate a successful end to this season and look forward to the next season in 2012. Brad Luvender (11) said, “We still have high hopes for the end of this season leading into our first full varsity year 2012.”