Howdie, Shauna Heisler!

By Sara Vivas

The Wrangler: So I know that you’re in band; what’s one of your favorite parts about being in band?

SH: I enjoy playing my instrument and being able to listen to the many other instruments around me.

The Wrangler: That’s interesting; what instrument do you play?

SH: I play the flute.

The Wrangler: Why did you choose the flute?

SH: My sister, Kristen, actually told me I looked like a flute player. I went with it and found out at the auditions that I can get a decent sound on the flute at the first try.

The Wrangler: That’s always a good sign. I’ve heard that people name their instruments; have you named yours?

SH: Yes, I have.

The Wrangler: Oh, really? What’s its name?

SH: My marching flute is named “Cupcake”, and the flute that I practice regularly on is named “Leggiero”.

The Wrangler: Why did you name them that?

SH: My marching flute is named “Cupcake” because the luggage tag I got to label him as mine was in the shape of cupcake. “Leggiero” is the musical term for lightly. When I first got my flute at a store in Plano, Texas, the first piece of music I came across had leggiero as the description of the music. I adopted the name and named my flute “Leggiero”.

The Wrangler: So how long do you practice and how often?

SH: I practice a decent amount every day. I try to limit myself to an hour but if I find something I’m doing extremely fun, I tend to practice more. I practice daily when I can.

The Wrangler: Wow, that’s some serious time. When you’re not practicing what kind of music do you listen to?

SH: I like to listen to any kind of music, though I prefer classical. My phone’s music storage consist of country, pop, Christian, classical and a whole lot more.

The Wrangler: Are you going to continue doing music in college?

SH: Music has [been] a major role in my life, and I cannot imagine not doing anything without music in my life. Of course I wish to continue into college with music.

The Wrangler: Do you also plan on pursuing a career in music?

SH: I can’t place myself in any other job position in my mind other than playing my flute or doing something pertaining to music. I am also considering something in business, just because, but my main focus is music.

The Wrangler: Do you do anything outside of music?

SH: I have a large family so my life outside of band mostly consists of doing things for and with them. I love baking and straying from the recipe to invent my own cookies or cakes. I am also a huge bibliophile and enjoy conversing with my friends and family about the plot of the books. I like writing my own stories and poetry just because, and of course I work hard in school because I know that I won’t get anywhere without good grades and a high work ethic.