A “free hugs” sign hanging from my neck was the last thing I remembered before being put in the back of a police car. Sirens stung my ears as the fur from my polar bear costume itched my body. I didn’t quite remember everything that had  happened today,  but I know I messed up; big time. My friend, Lexi, sat next to me accompanied with the handcuffs that squeezed her wrist. Her hair was wild and so was the throbbing headache I was experiencing. Looking at her arms which were covered in florescent neon colors, I finally remembered that we had attended a rave last night. Holy crap.

Knowing it was morning time, I assumed that we never made it home that night. My parents are going to kill me; I could not risk getting in trouble, again. I had to make a run for it. I nudged Lexi before opening the door and sprinting out of the cop car. “Come back here,” the officer yelled before chasing after us.

People looked at me stupid and that was completely understandable. I mean I was dressed in a giant polar bear costume that I had to get rid of. Unzipping the costume, I ran into an empty alley where Lexi followed along with the handcuffs firmly cuffing her wrists. Watching the cop run past the alley, I let out a sigh of relief.

My breath was strong with the scent of alcohol which made me wonder what all happened that night. Taking off the costume, I noticed a tattoo on my arm. Praying it was temporary, I licked my finger and began to rub the spot which was tender and becoming irritated. “Lexi,” I gasped lifting her arm which was marked with the same exact tattoo. A mermaid riding a unicorn was now permanently resting on our arm and I didn’t even remember getting one. Everything from last night was all one big blur and the rest of the day just screamed out “trouble”.