From Another Perspective

By Anonymous

As I looked up from the floor my mind flickered back to the person I trusted most, that’s when I realized he was gone and was never coming back. The stitching in my heart was coming apart making everything spill out. I was so lonely before I met him, he was my best friend. We’ve been best friends since kindergarten when he saw me all by myself in the corner and started playing with me. Now here I was thrown on the floor and left behind to fight for myself all alone. I can’t believe he left me here; it’s like he didn’t even care about me anymore. How did I not see this coming? One day he was going to see that he didn’t need me and leave me but I didn’t want it to be this soon. My brown hair flew in the cool breeze as I fell on my back and stared up at the pale blue sky through my glazed over brown eyes and just felt so lost. Now what was I going to do. I was broken and no one would want me or be my friend. I thought today was just going to be a normal day in the park and then we could go back to his house and play games but boy was I wrong. He forgot me. He just walked away and let go. I can’t seem to cry as much I want to. The tears won’t fall. I hear footsteps. They’re coming closer. Is it him? Is he coming to say sorry and that he will never leave me alone again? Instead of blue eyes and short brown hair, green eyes and long blonde hair replaced it as the person looked down at me. She smiled at me happily, “Look mom a teddy bear.”