A Not So Cinderella Story

Once upon a time it was a lazy day, no one important to see. I laid in my sweats and a hoodie on the couch. I was watching Cinderella with my little sister. I was growing tired of it; she watched it every day. She would replay it over and over again. I knew every word to the stupid movie. That would never happen, it’s just to get girls hopes up. My sister was asleep on the floor. So I got up to change the TV when all of a sudden I hear ring.

I looked up and saw bells on my room wall. Wait this is not my room. I looked out the window and saw a castle far in the distance.

“Cinderella! Hurry up, we are hungry,” An annoying voice yelled

Cinderella? Who is Cinderella? I’m not Cinderella! I got out of the bed and my feet met a blister wooden floor. What is happening? What is going on?!

“CINDERELLA!!!!” I quickly changed into a dress that was hung on the door. And ran down the winding steps. When I reached the bottom I saw a fat cat and a dog. What was I supposed to do? I quickly remember what Cinderella does in the movie. I move quickly and not stopping until I have the food on the trays. Great how I’m I going to carry them up there?! I was going to have to take only two. I ran up the stair to the first big white door. I opened it to see a girl laying in her bed with her hand on the rope. Pulling signaling the bells to go off.

“About time I’ve been ring the bell for forever!” she yelled it took everything not to jump on her and start to pound on her. I need to find a way out and soon or I will end up in fairy tale prison.

“Grab the laundry and get out!” she yelled I grabbed the bag and walked out of the room. I set the bag by her door and I slowly walked to the next door.

“Finally! Grab the laundry and don’t come back until they are clean.” I set the tray on her desk. I grabbed the woven wooden basket and I was on my way. I set the basket outside the door. I ran down stairs to grab the last tray. When I walked into the kitchen one bell rang. It was slow and more irritating that all three bell together. I grabbed the tray and walked up the stair making sure not to trip. Once I reached the top of the stairs. The cat from earlier laid in front of the door I had to go in. I pushed the cat out of the way with my foot. Walking into the room. The room was dark gloomy. She really needs to open up the curtains or something.

I saw a shadowy figure in the bed. The cat walked in between my legs, but I restored my balance.

“Cinderella how many times have I told you? You must wake up early so you can assist my lovely daughters and me.”

“Lovely daughters my butt!” I said louder that I intended to say it. Her face was priceless. Her confused face changed to a beyond mad. I quickly regretted it. “Get the laundry and get out! I will have a list of more chores you will need to attend to.” Her voice was edgy and to tell you the truth it scared the crap out of me.

I took the basket, walked out of the room and closed the door quickly, before I caught on fire by her gaze. I lugged the dirty, nasty smelling clothes down the stairs. I can’t believe I have to wash all the clothes by hand. It was crazy, I didn’t even do my own clothes at home. I give props to Cindy. I went out to the stream and washed the clothes. It took forever, but while I was washing the grim away on the clothes I was thinking of a way to find my way out of this hell. Nothing came to mind.

Once I got back I hung all the clothes on the lines outside. I walked into the kitchen to be greeted by a long list of chores on the stove. This was just great. If I would have just kept my mouth shut I would have to be doing all of this! My mother always told me I had a big mouth.

1. Clean the stove

2. Wash the curtains

3. Sweep the stables

4. Pound the couch

Oh! I will pound it all right. I will pretend that…. I was cut off by squeaks. I looked around to find the source of the sound. A little mouse was in the middle of the floor looking right at me. Ugh I have to talk to mice.

“Hey, Cindy! Why are you doing with all those chores?” The mouse Gus asked

“I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. That’s why.” I said

After I explained to him that I’m not the real Cinderella. He went way to talk to his mouse friends. I was stuck with silly stupid chores. I was so sick of it I started to pray. God if you get me out of this mess I will listen to my mom. I will not give her attitude. 

Of course nothing happened. I went the rest of the day doing house work. I was sweeping the steps when the door bell rung. It kept ringing. Right, I suppose I have to get it. I put the broom down and started to walk towards the door when the devil children came running down the stairs.

“Do not open up that door!” they both yelled in sync. Thank god they are doing something. I stared on the stairs again when I overheard someone at the front door speak of a ball.

A ball really was never my scene but I spent all day working and I think I deserve a break. I went upstairs and looked through all of my two dresses. There was nothing to wear. I looked in the trunk at the foot of my bed and I saw an old white dress. It must have been Cinderella’s mother’s dress. I heard someone coming. I knew the story they end up ruining the dress nope not this time. I quickly picked the nicest dress out of the two and placed it on my bed and I was pretending to admiring it.

“We are going to the ball. Yay!” the sisters yelled over joy

“I’m going too.” I said their face had gone pale.

“Mother!!!!!” the girls yelled running down the stairs. I closed my door, but I don’t dare take out the dress. A few minutes later the girls tore up the dress and they tell me good luck finding a dress. Oh I will. The night wore on. I planned on riding a horse to the ball. I was about to mount the horse when a little light caught my eye. A woman came from the light.

“Hello Cinderella, looks like you don’t need my help, but I will give you one gift. A carriage,”  her angelic voice offered.

“Yes, if it’s not too much trouble,” I said.

She laughed as I watched her turn a pumpkin into a big carriage. She attached the horse to it and I was on my way after I thanked her. She smiled and waved as I left the gates of the home. Once the carriage approached the castle I walked up the white stairs and through the huge doors.

After being there for an hour. The whole hour I spent avoiding the horrible family. I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to be greeted by a god like face. He was perfect. He was the prince.

“Would you care to dance?” he asked

“Umm sure,” I said, looking around once more hoping no one I knew would spot me.

We danced and talked about everything. He told me he didn’t want to have the ball but his father insisted on having it. I kept away from the subject of me. I saw everyone staring at us. While we were dancing, I felt a hole being burned into my back from girl’s stares. It scared me a little.

I was brought out of this wonderful time by the clock striking twelve. I ran out of the ball room and to the front of the castle. I turned to see if the prince was running after me. Thank god he wasn’t. Before I could turn to see where I was running I crashed into someone. It was the prince.

“You think you are the only one prepared for a fairy tale? I’m not letting you leave,” he said. I was surprised how he could….

Ding Ding

What the heck

I was on my couch asleep and the doorbell was ringing. I guess I have to get it. When I opened the door. It was him the prince from the dream. He was standing there right in front of me smiling.

“No fairy tale this time,” his raspy voice said.