High School Movies Ruined My Life

Before high school, everyone makes it a goal to watch movies to get a keen perspective on what to expect. Being a high school senior, I am outraged at all the illusions these movies made me believe were real. However I am angrier at how gullible I was. High school is about finding out who you are, and being your own person, and not giving in to social norms. This is hard to do when popular movies show things like the rocking musical numbers in “High School Musical,” the attractive yet athletic and smart jocks in “She’s the Man,” and even to the scandalous parties in “Superbad.” “High School Musical” starts with a super romantic moment between the main characters Troy and Gabriella. Their relationship goes on to defy social norms and closely  resembles a modern day Romeo and Juliet, seeing as how they met a day before they “fall in love.” Their relationship also goes on too long if you ask some, to not only two, but three extensive movies. Not only has their relationship lasted one year, but three consecutive years of no fighting, mini break ups, or jealous rages. Although Troy is an all-star basketball player and Gabriella is an alternative, nerdy girl, she urges Troy to try out for the school musical. This alludes to the perception that random show stopping numbers can help describe your feelings to significant others and parents. Seeing this movie before high school also gave me the impression that popular kids will not always prevail such as getting the lead in the school musical and getting the school’s basketball star. In the end it promotes the idea that school opportunities are granted on merit rather than popularity.

Speaking as a completely objective third party observer with absolutely no personal interest in the matter, “She’s the Man” is another classic high school movie. This movie is part of the newly popular style of romantic comedy with many interlocking sub plots. Not only does this movie show unusual nose bleed tactics, but also that if you dress like a guy to get a fellow guy, it will work. While I applaud Viola’s winning strategy, this is a highly unusual. I think we would find that if today’s modern girl did something like this, she would be deemed clingy, weird, and obsessed. In order to defy sexist males and prove she can beat the boys, Viola dresses up as her brother to make the soccer team at his school, Illyria. Some might say that the movie portrays that the world will always declare boys the dominant gender. However unrealistic this movie is, the end portrays Viola and Duke playing first string on the new soccer team. This contradicts the entire movie, by slowly saying that girls can do things just as well as boys.

Majority of high school movies revolve around the unrealistic portrayal of the perfect guy falling for an abnormal girl. However, the movie “Superbad” was released in 2007. Seth and Evan are seniors who are best friends. As college quickly approaches, the two decide to go out with a bang. The first thing that is portrayed incorrectly is the character known as McLovin, who plays the insanely dorky side friend. Police officers noticed McLovin’s young appearance and his contradictory ID age of 70 while he attempts to buy alcohol. They decide not to arrest him and instead decide to impractically show him the ropes of being a cop such as drinking, shooting their firearms at a stop signs, and improper use of their sirens. This plot, while hilarious and slightly nauseating, is entirely implausible. Whether it’s the public officials allowing laws to be broken, or the acceptance of “losers” at to a popular kid party, or even the ease of doing illegal activities, this film is unreliable to depend upon as an accurate representation of high school.

Although these movies all point out my cynical, yet qualified statements of how these films are not accurate portrayals of real high school life, high school is still amazing. Although you might not get to sing about your feelings and have a relationship that lasts faithfully throughout the years, or use insane tactics to get Channing Tatum, or even go all rebel status and party hardy, high school is some of the best years of your young adult life. Personally I have learned so much; I did not necessarily learn academically, but things such as true friends, independence, future, and even belief in yourself. High school is always going to be rough. It is the stepping stone to your future and your life. While being like these characters and living vicariously through Gabriella, Viola, and Seth would no doubt be the time out my life, it is not what I feel high school is about. High school is about hardships, friendships, heartbreaks, drama, love, hatred, and most importantly: learning about yourself. All these characters, though skewing modern day high schoolers’ views, have a viewpoint that they stand by whole-heartedly. They know who they are and are willing to do anything including singing in front of the entire school, turning themselves into a man for a month, or participating in illegal activities. So enjoy high school, make it the best you can be, don’t stress about the small things, and be honest with yourself and others, because we’re all in this together.