Youth in Philanthropy Club

GRHS YIP Members.

GRHS YIP Members.

By Joseph Vasquez, Staff Writer

Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) is an organization sponsored by the George Ranch Foundation, where students can help people and get scholarships at the same time. In order to become part of YIP you have to be a junior or a senor in high school and apply in the fall of the school year.

The George Ranch students who went through this and made it in are the ones that really want to help their community. The students participated in activities that involved a multitude of non-profits in the Fort Bend area.  These students help make a difference before they go off to college.  At the end of the school year, the students involved in YIP are given the opportunity to apply for a scholarship.  Our school was fortunate to have

The scholarship winners were Jessica Amores. who was granted $2500 and Emmanuel Osikpa., Ejeh Okorafor, Abigail Adaramola, and Mills LeMaire, who were each granted $750. These students shined among the already outstanding members of YIP and were recognized by the George Foundation as great role models and members of society.