Howdie, Tyler DeLeon

Meet junior Tyler DeLeon, headed to Australia on scholarship for both academics and basketball at the collegiate level.

Junior Tyler DeLeon is heading to Australia his senior year in search of bigger opportunities on and off the basketball court after playing for five years stateside. Instead of completing his senior year, he’ll be jumping straight into the collegiate education of Australia in Melbourne, Victoria.

The Wrangler: Why are you moving to Australia?

Tyler DeLeon: Oh, Australia. For bigger opportunities.

TW: What school will you be playing for?

TD: Strathmore [in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia]

TW: How did you land your scholarship to Strathmore?

TD: Both in academic excellence and something to do with me trying out for the [basketball] team.

TW: What will you be studying?

TD: I will be trying to get a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering degree.

TW: How long have you been playing [basketball]?

TD: 5 years.

TW: What do you like about playing basketball?

TD: It always clears my mind and can be relaxing at times.