TV Review: “New Girl”

Because there still aren’t enough TV shows to keep the people of the world glued to their couches, a new series has been launched in hopes of possibly ending that crisis. The series is called “New Girl,” and in it stars the quirky, awkwardly adorable Zooey Deschanel who is known for her performance in “500 Days of Summer,” “Yes Man,” and “Elf.” Her character, Jess, ends up rooming with three guys named Nick, Schmidt and Winston whom she met on the internet during her search for a new apartment. They quickly find out that she is not an ordinary girl. She often sings out her sentences, dances inelegantly at random times, and can’t take anything too seriously. However, they take her under their wing and eventually become a sort of family. Cece, a super model and Jess’s best friend, is also a big influence in her life. She tries to show Jess how to dress to impress, and the guys drool whenever Cece enters the room. However, their contrasting personalities sometimes leave them at odds.

One great thing about this new show is it is so relatable. Not the rooming with men from the internet (I hope), but the fun, simple personalities and situations that Jess and her friends encounter. However, they keep the show interesting by creating back stories like an ordeal with Jess’s eco-friendly ex-boyfriend who broke her heart. On top of all that, the show is a blend of hilarious, awkward moments that keep the audience laughing and cringing at the embarrassing situations.

If you are into the dramatic shows that involve emergency rooms and attractive doctors, this is probably not the show for you. However, if you enjoy lighthearted comedy and references to nerdy movies, you should invest the thirty-ish minutes it takes to watch an episode. You will not be disappointed, and you may even laugh.