Fashion Show Buyout

Buyouts are one of the ways that George Ranch earns funds to support the different departments and organizations while also giving students a fun alternative to advisory. On October 5th, student council put on a fashion show buyout showcasing what and what not to wear to this year’s homecoming dance. Because the dance is being called the “Black and White Ball,” many students have been confused as to what colors and styles are appropriate for the dance. The fashion show was a way to give the students that answer.

“[The fashion show is] just to … let them know that you don’t have to wear black and white, that you can wear other colors,” said junior Sydney Minor who demonstrated what not to wear in the fashion show.

The homecoming dance is supposed to be a formal but not too formal. Ball gowns and tuxedos would probably be too fancy for this dance. However, one should wear something dressy and classy. The students in the fashion show demonstrated this by wearing cut-offs and flannel as well as other “interesting” get-ups as what not to wear. For what to wear they modeled different dresses and other nice outfits.

“Students should try not to be too formal but not too dressed down like kind of soft and cute,” said junior Thelma Ekezie who was also dressed as what not to wear.

It is true that many girls may have trouble finding the right heels to go with their dress, but guys actually go through their own fashion crisis when it comes to homecoming apparel. What should guys be wearing? When homecoming outfits come to mind, we often forget that the guys may need some advice too.

“It’s a formal so guys should be wearing a dress shirt, dress pants, and dress shoes. They don’t need to wear a jacket though,” said junior Cooper Shultz, a what to wear fashion show participant.

 The fashion show definitely provided a funny and informative way to let students know what they should be wearing to the “Black and White Ball” on October 15th.