Howdie Emmie Chambers!


Emmie Chambers is a senior at George Ranch High School. Her passion for music is the focus in her life. She has developed many skills in music, like voice, guitar, and piano. At the age of 17, she has already begun making an impact in the music industry.


The Wrangler: When did you begin singing?

Chambers: I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, but, probably, my first debut was when I was three and I sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with my dad’s band.

The Wrangler: What inspired you to pursue music?

Chambers: My dad had a band and they would practice in our basement and I would fall asleep to the music and it kinda sparked something inside me I guess and it started my love for music.

The Wrangler: What particular genres appeal to you?

Chambers: I like Indie and Americana and Classic Rock, those are my favorites.

The Wrangler: Do you get your inspiration from any artists?

Chambers: Probably Patty Griffin is one of my favorite influences writing wise. Musically, I listen to everything and I get inspiration from everything.

The Wrangler: What do you hope to accomplish as a musician or singer?

Chambers: I want to be successful in the music industry whether it’s performing or writing or being a music analyst or radio station producer. I just want to be in music.

The Wrangler: Is there anything you want to do besides music?

Chambers: Psychology. That’s my backup plan.

The Wrangler: Is there anything you are working on now?

Chambers: An album actually. I’ve been writing and recording stuff with Robyn Ludwick who’s a local Austin artist and we are doing a duet album together. Currently in the process.