FIFA 15 kickoff

FIFA 15 releases to the public on September 23rd, the first day of Autumn. There’s no doubt this game launch is a great way to KICK off the new season.

With FIFA 15 being the second FIFA available for next generation consoles, EA Games adjusted to the new graphics of the Xbox One and the PS4. FIFA 15 has plenty in store for next generation gamers including a new artificial intelligence system which has them yelling, sulking, and celebrating their goals.

The theme behind the new FIFA is emotion. The new game will show players’ emotions in a realistic format that lets you know how disappointed or ecstatic they are about missing or scoring goals. New celebrations have been added along with an exclusive pre-order-only celebrations pack.

But the biggest improvement in the game is the collision detection. Every push, shove, and tackle makes a difference in how the game plays out. No more barely brushing someone and earning yourself a red card or tackling someone and them running right through your foot. This improvement is the most revolutionary feature in FIFA 15 because none of the previous games have been so realistic when it comes to collision detection.

There is no doubt that the new FIFA will be a complete hit among soccer players and video gamers alike. I know for a fact, after I played it, that I will definitely be making a purchase of FIFA 15 in the near future and I recommend it to anyone looking to have fun with their frineds or by themselves. Even though FIFA is more fun with friends, you can also have fun by playing various single-player modes like ultimate team, career mode, and even an exhibition match.

FIFA 15 is a must-have for this year’s Christmas list. At only $59.99, this bargain is the way to go for 2014 Christmas gifts.