A Funding Fiasco

October 5, 2014

George Ranch has countless clubs and organization currently on campus. Nearly all of them depend on food sales to earn the necessary funds they need.

But all of these student activities will now have to look for different means of raising money. The Texas Public School Nutrition Policy has been revised, drastically limiting what, where, and when food may be sold.

The Texas administrative code states, under title 4 part 1 chapter 26 subchapter A rule§26.11 Time and Place Restrictions: “High schools may not serve competitive foods (or provide access to them through indirect sales) to students during meal periods in areas where reimbursable school meals are served and/or consumed except for those food items made available by the school food service department”.

High schools may not serve competitive foods”

— Texas administrative code

This new policy is now crippling many student organizations. One such organization is the UNICEF club. “The whole idea of UNICEF is to raise money, it’s a fundraising club, to raise money for the UNICEF foundation. Our club in completely nonprofit” Lauren Appel, UNICEF treasurer said. Last year the organization raised about $500 simply from selling chocolate covered strawberries on Valentine’s Day during all lunch periods. However such funds might possibly not be donated to UNICEF this year because selling strawberries during lunch is no longer allowed.

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