We, as students, are punished for procrastination. We get docked points from grades, we get grounded, we are punished.

However, why is it that teachers can get away with procrastination and we cannot?

This week is going to be Heck on earth. The teachers have left all assignments to the bitter end, and the students are paying for it. I have a test/project/quiz in every single class this week. I am literally dying on the inside. I have a major grade everyday.

How in the world do they expect us to get this work done when they still have missing grades from three weeks ago? How do they expect themselves to get the grades done if they are already drowning in weeks old work?

Some of the projects, I will admit, were long-term; however, the majority of my classes have been piling on the work, making it nearly impossible for me to get ahead on any projects.

Not to mention the fact that the classes that have major grades due this week already have double the grades needed for report cards. The amount of work is unnecessary and I can mental breakdown coming on.

Christmas break cannot come fast enough. Disney World here I come.