How I Use My Phone


Phone usage on campus is hardly a big deal compared to a few years ago when I was a freshman. Back then, you would probably see one student per hundred with their phone out in the halls. In fact, I wasn’t brave enough to take out my phone in risk of confiscation. But now, I use my phone as regularly as anyone else (if not, less). My phone’s main use is to cancel out any flippant remark I might hear in the halls on the way to my next class with music. So in a way, it’s to protect my IQ.

The time students spend glued to their phones can be somewhat excessive and totally unnecessary. And of course, there’s your every day mishaps and everyone knows it. There’s the accidental Siri butt dial and the “I left my ringer on and now everyone knows my ringtone is Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown,'” you know, the usual. However, it does come in handy a lot of the time. Music for me is my work catalyst and I can easily search for missing information with just a touch of my finger. I get updates and reminders on what I need to get done before which deadline.

So instead of forcing us to suppress our ridiculous craving for technology, our school has utilized that and turned it into an educational aspect, which is actually pretty neat.