12 Killed in Paris by Masked Muslim Gunmen

On Wednesday January 7, gunmen stormed the office of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo  killing 12 innocent people. Five people were critically injured and the gunmen are still at large. A full scale manhunt is in progress.

This terrorist attack is the largest to happen in France in 20 years. World leaders, including President Obama, all pay their respects to the lost ones and hope for justice.

The motive behind the shootings was a caricature that was featured in the newspaper. The caricature was of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, and the drawing angered some Muslims. The gunmen were confirmed to be Muslim because they were screaming Islamic slogans during their attack.

Cherif Kouachi, 32, and his brother Said Kouachi, 32, are currently the main suspects. Cherif Kouachi is apparently a failed rapper who was in a French television documentary. The suspects are armed and extremely dangerous. France is conducting a city-wide manhunt for them.

The Charlie Hebdo is a satirical newspaper journal. The newspaper makes cartoons and satirical captions. Some of the Hebdo’s cartoons are offensive, and one of them (the Muhammad one) obviously angered many people.