10 things to leave behind in 2014


1. Iggy Azalea

Her last name is a type of flower, but that doesn’t mean her music has to be sweet and beautiful.  Fancy and Beg For It may be catchy songs, but they definitely should be put in a locked box and left behind with no looking back. This Australian should take it down a notch and try to not become the next Pitbull personality.

2. Frozen “Let it Go”

This movie was great to watch the first time around, but as time went on, the music and movie got more and more irritating. Olaf may be cute and all but the scene with Hans was obviously the best, and only memorable, scene.

3. “Happy” by Pharrell

This song is proudly remembered by the students of GR as “the hallway song” but surely I think by now we hate it more than we can tolerate. It was alright the first time around but now it just reminds me of the lip dub which let us just take a moment to reflect on. I think this one should stick to the minions in 2015.

4. Kim Kardashian and her rather provocative photoshoot

I think it’s time to realize that Kim K is just another human being like you or me and she has just as much power over her decisions as you do. So if she wants to show a little skin in some photoshoot then so be it. I would rather not hear about it on every social media platform though. I also think Kim K has been getting a little too much attention lately, so let us all just “live and let live” for a bit.

5. “About a week ago”

This one is just irritating and annoying. I can’t even use the phrase casually anymore without someone bringing up its’ origin. So many things have been ruined by stupid vines  and this just had to be one of them. Although the senioritis shirts I must admit were pretty cool.

6. The word “bae”

I cannot stress enough how much I sometimes use this word, but also how much I cringe every time it comes out of my mouth. It’s like society got to me and now it’s stuck in my vocabulary. Anyway, I hope for a cool replacement for this one though, preferably one that isn’t a weird acronym.

7. Food Porn

The worst kind there is when you’re sitting in a classroom right before lunch, scrolling through twitter, and some kid has retweeted like a hundred food porn tweets. Those are the kind of people that make me lose faith in humanity. How dare people force me to look at delicious looking food while I’m about to have my peanut butter crackers and a chips for lunch?

8. RT for good luck (or RT for anything really)

This whole twitter thing makes me wonder about the wellbeing of our generation. If you really think a tweet is going to bring you good luck, then I think you need to reevaluate your life. Twitter is merely social amusement, it’s not going to change your life.

9. “DM me an emoji and I’ll tweet my honest opinion about you”

I feel like no one is ever going to reveal their honest opinion over twitter. It’s just an excuse to get some attention and see who actually has the nerve to send you some emojis. I must admit, I have done this once, but after kids who I haven’t spoken to before started to send me emojis, I knew that they probably just wanted something nice said about them to favorite and retweet.


This one is definitely heard throughout the hallways in every corner. This started with Lady Gaga I think and got attached to Beyonce’s name and well it was pretty annoying from the start. I may be killing it but I am definitely not slaying it. Please stop.