10 Things I’ve Learned Senior Year


High School is inevitable. We all know what it feels like to get up before the sun, and drag our feet out of our beds and show up here. We all know what it feels like to walk these halls. So when second semester rolls around in your senior year of high school, it all starts to feel too real. The people you’ve grown up with, a couple months from now, could be states away. This place you’ve come to know over the course of 4 years is becoming blurry at the edges. But the years we’ve spent here have taught us a lot about people, the things they love, and hard work. So I give you: The 10 things I’ve learned in high school, and come to appreciate my senior year. I hope it helps you too.

  1. It is perfectly acceptable to wear the t-shirt you slept in last night to school the next morning. No one will judge you.
  2. It’s never as bad as you thought it would be. Things change and people don’t really hold on to anything for very long. You will lose parts of yourself that you thought were central to who you are. You will gain other parts. You will realize that change isn’t that bad. It never really was.
  3. Coffee is everything.
  4. College is like that dog that kind of looks like a bear and could rip your face off at any second, but you’re willing to take your chances just to pet it.
  5. Football games are so worth it. Football games don’t care if you don’t have any friends, or feel awkward and don’t know what to do with your hands. Football games don’t care if you don’t get why everyone is screaming “butter fingers”. Football games don’t care- and they don’t want you to either. Seriously. Have FUN. Go crazy. Football games will surprise you.
  6. Never count on the school clocks being five minutes behind your phone (even though they usually are).
  7. Start believing that it’s ok to do things for yourself. Those all-nighters you’ve pulled for 3 years to study for tests and finish homework may never have been worth it. Sometimes sleeping is healthier for you than any A you’ll ever make. Love yourself bravely.
  8. Late arrival and Early off are literally the best things that will ever happen to you.
  9. You can leave your house later than you thought. You will (probably) make it to school on time. Just pray that there’s not a train.
  10. It is ok to leave things behind. You’ll leave the friends that love you and the home that raised you and it will all be ok. Do not be afraid to move on to greater things. This is just the beginning.