Men and Women Can Never Be The Same

By Grace Elliott, Staff Writer

Men and women are different. It is just the plain and simple truth. Yet, people are afraid to admit it.

Neither a woman nor a man is any better or worse as far as differences go, but in the end, the two genders are very different.

This does not negate any of the opinions of my feminist side, though. I still believe that it is wrong that sexism runs rampant and that there is a wage gap between the sexes. It is wrong, it is uncalled for, and by this day and age, it should not be a problem.

I do not believe that men and women will ever be equals, but it is not because there will always be misogynistic pigs out there validating stereotypes, but because men and women are not equals.

In order for the sexes to be equal, we would have to be treated the same. That means no separate bathrooms, no maternity leave, no excuses about menstrual cycles, no separation of clothing-the list goes on.

This would simply not be possible. Men and women are not the same, but most feminists today believe that the only way to have equality is to profess that we are the same. And I am not sorry to say that we are in no way the same.

I do not want to be treated like a man. I do not want to be treated like a woman. I want to be treated as a human being, nothing more and nothing less. I want respect, but not just because I am a woman. I want people to be decent to each other no matter their anatomy.

What I don’t want is a man thinking I am a gentle flower who cannot hold open the door for myself. I want a person (male, female or otherwise) to hold open the door for me simply because they are being polite. I want to, in return, hold open the door for someone else (male, female or otherwise).

If people would have the mindset of being nice to others, not just because of their gender but because they are a fellow human being, the world would be a much better place.

Not all women are inept and not all men are rock hard body builders. We are all just people being people doing stupid people things trying to find our place in this world. That’s all.

Never should a man or a woman ever use their gender as an excuse for their behavior because the argument is invalid. You are a human. Act like one.

So, sorry men, you can no longer ogle and objectify women just “because that’s what boys do” and women you can no longer act mean and nasty “because you’re on your period”.

In the end, it does not matter whether or not you are a male or a female; gender should never define the way you treat others or how others treat you. Rise above and just be human.