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2016-2017 Staff

Clayton Keeling

Copy Editor

Clayton is a junior. This is his second year on The Wrangler staff. He enjoys writing, music, photography and cinematography. He's looking forward to a great year.

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Bobby Luvender

Staff Writer

Bobby is a senior, this is his second year on the newspaper staff. He enjoys relaxing with friends and playing video games. He is looking forward to making lasting friendships with people on the newspaper staff....

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Alexis Grimaldo

Staff Writer

Alexis is a very funny and kind person. She is passionate about writing and hopes to become an author one day. She cannot live without her music, and her family always says that there is something growing out of ear since her...

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Maria Divina Canalita

Staff writer

Maria Divina Canalita is a sophomore at George Ranch. This is her first year on the newspaper staff of GR. She's been in the journalism field for 5 years since her middle school years and competed in regional competitions. She...

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Kobe Hay

Staff Writer

Kobe is an athletic young guy who loves to play football and run on the track. He does a lot in his free time, like eat, play games, hang with family and workout. Kobe is a very loving guy who likes to make friends all around...

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Reid Pitts

Staff Writer

Reid Pitts is a junior at George Ranch High School and this is his first year on The Wrangler staff. Reid likes backpacking and photography. If you ever need him, you can find him at Taco Bell.

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Aamaya Khan

Staff Writer

Aamaya Khan is a sophomore at GRHS and a first year member of the newspaper. She loves writing and would like to be a writer when she grows up. She's not super good at taking pictures, so she usually has Bailey Holton at her side...

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Averi Cervantez

Staff Writer

Averi Cervantez is a senior at George Ranch. She enjoys reading, writing, and being with friends. Averi is currently involved in Student Council and NHS. She enjoys newspaper so much that she took an independent study for the...

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Kelly Davila

Staff Writer

Kelly Davila is a senior and first year staff member. She is very involved with her extracurricular classes and loves writing in her spare time. She is looking forward to graduating and is attempting to make this year her best...

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Diamond Butler

Staff Writer

Diamond Butler is a junior. She enjoys singing, drawing and writing in her free time. This is her first year in newspaper, but she is looking forward to learning more about it along her way.

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Laisha Cruz

Staff Writer

Laisha Cruz is a senior and is happy spirited. This will be her second year on The Wrangler and it will be a thrilling experience for her. She enjoys being with her family and friends. She loves music and is opened minded a...

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Nick Buchanan

Staff Photographer

Nickolas Buchanan is a senior and this is his first year in newspaper. He likes to take pictures, sleep and watch Mob Physco 100. He loves Harambe with all his heart. He also loves clothes.

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Hunter Rubio

Staff Writer

Hunter Rubio is a senior who enjoys listening to  music and having fun. This is his first year on the newspaper staff, and he's looking forward to all the new friends he'll make in his final year at George Ranch. This year will...

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Alejandro Rodrigues

Staff Photographer

At 17 years old, Alejandro Rodrigues has been busy. He is a member of  The Wrangler staff and has accomplished quite a bit in extracurricular activities. This native Texan is a senior in the GRHS Speech and Debate Program. Two year...

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Kimberly Macedo

Staff Writer

Kimberly Macedo is a junior, this is her first year working on The Wrangler staff. In her free time she enjoys writing poetry, drawing, and spending time with her family. She is looking forward to a great year with a friendly...

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Megan Peterson

Staff Writer

Megan Peterson is a junior. She is involved in Band, Newspaper, and NHS.  In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching movies, and eating pizza.

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Sheridan Smith

staff writer

Sheridan Smith is a junior this year, and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. She enjoys listening to music ,specifically Lana Del Rey, eating IHOP, and laying in bed. She is interested in being a photographer and a...

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Sam McArthur

Staff Writer

Sam McArthur is a sophomore this year. Sam is very sassy and doesn't take anything from anyone. Sam enjoys being being shady, relaxing with a mud mask, and sub tweeting on twitter. Sam is also a part of the debate team and is...

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Maria Gleason

staff writer

Maria Gleason is a sophomore this year. It is her first year on the Wrangler staff. She enjoys taking pictures in her free time. Also, she likes to watch Netflix. She is looking forward to her high school years.

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Kyler Telge

Staff Writer

Kyler Telge is a junior  just waiting to get right into the school year. He enjoys gaming, listening to music, and taking photos of things because that is cool. Also, he is a cool dude. Along with this he likes to learn about...

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Katlynn Mckenzie

Staff Writer

Katlynn McKenzie is a junior and second year Newspaper Staff member. She enjoys taking photos of nature and her friends. In her free time she enjoys watching Netflix and reading what ever she can get her hands on. Her friends...

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Bailey Holton

Staff writer

This year is Bailey's first year on the Wrangler staff. She is also a part of the broadcast team and really enjoys taking pictures. This year is her sophomore year at the Ranch and she is loving it so far. Her favorite animal...

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Caleb Fojtik

Staff Writer

Caleb Fojtik is a junior and this is his first time on The Wrangler staff. He enjoys art and literature and ,also, spends his free time listening to all types of music, especially older types. Other activities include ,simply,...

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Ashley Merino

Staff Writer

Ashley Merino is  a junior this year. She is a very happy spirited person. This is her first year on The Wrangler staff. She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, playing soccer at the Lamar Soccer League, and watching...

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Amanda Martin

Staff Writer

Amanda Martin is a sophomore this year. This is her first year on The Wrangler staff. In her free time, she enjoys baking, taking pictures, and hanging out with her friends and family. She loves to travel with her family during...

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Jayson Green

Staff Writer

Jayson Green is a sophomore student. He likes training and playing soccer with his dog on his free time. He has a family of 6, and has 2 step brothers and 3 step sisters all from his dad's side.

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Abbey McGee

Staff Writer

Abbey McGee is a junior, beginning her first year of Newspaper with multiple special interests and a wide personality. In her free time, she draws and listens to whatever music she is streaming at the time. At school she excels,...

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Kaitlin Parisi

Staff Writer

Kaitlin is a senior this year. This is her first year on the Newspaper Staff. She enjoys listening to music, writing, sewing and being athletic. She has been ice skating for 13 years and plans on going to nationals this year with...

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Anneliese Dalton is a 16 year old junior and proud member of Longhorn Players, varsity theater. She holds passion in her work as an actress and singer within the program. She is a new and excited addition to the GRHS newspaper...

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Vince Little

Staff Writer

Vince is a senior. This is his second year on the newspaper staff. He loves being creative whether that's in music, writing or photography, but mostly music. He plays bass, guitar, keyboards, and drums. He programs drums as well,...

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