The Wrangler

2019-2020 Staff

Emily Hawkins


Emily is a senior this year and is proudly starting her third year as editor of the Wrangler staff (alongside Olivia Raymond). She loves writing, playing with her dog, and traveling with her friends and family. After she graduates,...

Olivia Raymond


Olivia Raymond is a Junior and it is her second year on the Newspaper staff. She is the Photo-Editor and Co-Online Editor. Olivia enjoys running, pole vaulting, baking, and photography. She is very excited to lead with Ms. Emily...

Minou De Los Santos

Staff writer

Minou is a senior, finally. This is her 2nd year on the newspaper staff. She enjoys being with friends and family and is sarcastic once she gets to know you well, but is still friendly. Favorite food: Chick-fil-a. Favorite quote: Be nice for no re...

Mark Pines

Staff Photographer

Mark Pines is a sophomore who participates in track. This is his first year on the newspaper team. He likes to take pictures. Favorited Food: Cheez-It's Favorite quote: "Drugs are bad"-Sid Frismanis

Sidney Frismanis

Staff Photographer

Sidney Frismanis is a sophomore at George Ranch High School. This is his first year on staff and is a photographer. Favorite food:  Steak Favorite quote: "Be you if you want to be you."-Mark Pines

Keely Telford

Staff Photographer

Keely Telford is a sophomore. This is her first year as a part of the staff. She looks for vintage buildings as a hobby. Her favorite food: Tacos. Her favorite quote: "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take" -...

Kaitlyn Rodriguez

Staff Photographer

Kaitlyn Rodriguez is a junior and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. In her spare time she enjoys watching Netflix, cooking, and hanging out with friends. Favorite Food : Chinese Quote : “So you just gonna...

Omar Jackson

Staff Writer

Omar Jackson is in grade 11. He is in his second year of newspaper. He eats a lot of pizza and cake. Favorite quote: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Kylie Walters

Staff Writer

This is Kylie Walters, it is her first year in newspaper. She is a senior at George Ranch High school. During her free time she enjoys to bake and spend time with her friends. Favorite Food: steak Favorite Quote: "You can never pl...

Alaya Fuentes

Staff Writer

Alaya is a senior. This is her first year on the newspaper staff. Her favorite hobbies are photography and exploring nature. Her favorite food is waffles. Her favorite quote is “You cannot control everything that happens...

Princess Sinkambe

Staff Writer

Princess is a senior this year. It is her second year on the newspaper staff. She enjoys trying new foods and dancing when everyone or no one is watching. She loves scary movies and listening to music Favorite food: Tater tots and b...

Ashley Wandling

Staff Writer

Ashley Wandling is currently in 11th grade and is in her second year on the Journalism Newspaper Staff. She participates in both the school band and cross country team. In her free time, she enjoys painting and drawing. Her...

Kayle Trombley

Staff Writer

Kayle is a junior. This is her second year on the newspaper staff. She enjoys being part of the FFA program. Her favorite food is shrimp. Her favorite quote is "Keep your face always toward the sunshine and shadows will...

Emily Mireles

Staff Writer

Emily Mireles is a junior. This is her first year on the newspaper staff. Some of her hobbies are painting and she has a huge passion for fashion. Favorite food: Chinese Favorite quote: "Difficulties are meant to rouse,...

Josh Manus

Staff Writer

Josh is now a junior and loves what he does for Newspaper. He loves to take pictures and write for the online site for the school newspaper. He is a funny and kind person who doesn't like drama or inconvenient people. He likes...

Nathan Plunk

Staff Writer

Nathan Plunk is a Sophomore. It is his first year working on the Wrangler staff. Nathan works hard at school, but also finds time for fun. If you can't find him, he is probably cheering on the Baylor Bears. Favorite food: Q...

Brenna Buchanan

Staff Writer

Brenna Buchanan is a sophomore and this is her first year in the staff. She enjoys reading and doing cheer leading. She also enjoys shopping and going to see movies. Favorite Food: Popcorn Favorite Quote: "The best thing ...

Zenobia Wiley

Staff Writer

Zenobia is a junior in her 2nd year of newspaper. She loves writing, traveling, and singing randomly. If you see her outside of school, it'd probably be at a mall. Favorite food: Vietnamese Favorite quote: "You may be prett...

Savannah Maldonado

Staff photographer

This is Savannah Maldonado's second year on the newspaper staff! She is a senior this year and is ready to graduate in 2020. During her free time she enjoys spending time with my friends and family. She also enjoys working hard...

Ethan McGinty


Ethan is in his junior year and second year on the staff. Ethan is a pink-haired dude who loves to take pictures. Favorite food: Chicken Parmesan Favorite quote: "ehhh.... mwah" - Megan Thee Stallion...

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