The Wrangler

2017-2018 Staff

Alexis Grimaldo

Staff Writer

Alexis is a hilarious and sarcastic person who has been a part of The Wrangler newspaper staff for two years now. She is passionate about writing and hopes to become an author one day. She cannot live without her music or book...

Kobe Hay

Staff writer

Kobe is a young guy who loves to take photos of football and wildlife. He does a lot in his free time, like eat, play games, hang with family and work out. Kobe is a very loving guy who likes to make friends all around in and...

Anna Kelly

Staff Writer

Anna Kelly is a sophomore this is her first year on the Wrangler staff. She's a member of the band she plays percussion. Her favorite color is black and in her free time she enjoys hanging out with friends.

Gaurang Dhingra

Staff Writer

Gaurang is a senior at George Ranch High School and a first-year staff writer for The Wrangler. Gaurang is hoping to pursue an education at University of Texas at Austin with either Business at McCombs or Journalism as his m...

Diamond Butler

Staff Writer

Diamond Butler is a senior this year. On her free time she enjoys singing, drawing, and writing. She has three sisters and two brothers. She's a twin to a boy and is older by five minutes. After she graduates in June, she plans...

Kyler Telge

Staff Writer

Kyler Telge is a senior and has been on The Wrangler staff for two years now. He enjoys working, listening to music and playing video games in his spare time.  He looks forward to graduating this year.

Maria Gleason

Staff Writer

Maria Gleason is a junior. This will be her second year on The Wrangler staff. She loves her three c's: her car, her job at Chick-Fil-A, and last but not least, her cat that makes her life complete.

Bailey Holton

Staff Writer, Design Editor

This year is Bailey's second year on The Wrangler staff.  Bailey is the Online Editor. She is also a part of the broadcast team and really enjoys the journalism department. This year is her junior year at the Ranch. Her favo...

Ashley Merino

Staff Writer

Ashley Merino is a senior. She is a very happy spirited person. This is her second year on The Wrangler staff. She enjoys hanging out with her family and friends, playing soccer at the Lamar Soccer League, working, watching Netflix,...

Jayson Green

Staff writer

Jayson Green is a Junior who enjoys hanging out with his friends. He also enjoys listening to music and playing with his family and dog. Jayson plays basketball and soccer with his friends and also enjoys watching Football, Soccer,...

Katlynn McKenzie

Staff Writer

Katlynn McKenzie is a senior and a third year Newspaper Staff member. She enjoys taking photos of music and student life. In her free time she enjoys binge watching Netflix and reading whatever catches her interest . Her friends...

Reid Pitts

Staff Writer, Staff Photographer

Reid Pitts is a senior and this is his second year on The Wrangler staff. Reid enjoys backpacking and photography. He will be studying forestry at SFA next year and is an avid Taco Bell visitor. He is also the head coach of the U...

Sheridan Smith

Staff Writer

Sheridan Smith is a senior, and this is her second year on The Wrangler staff. Sheridan is an active member of the George Ranch Culinary staff.  She enjoys hanging out with her friends and working at Jupiter Pizza and Waffles ...

Kensly Landry

Staff Writer

Kensly Landry is a junior and is a first year member of The Wrangler staff. She enjoys makeup, fashion, and reading. Her dream job is to be a fashion journalist. She's excited to take pictures for the newspaper. She loves watching...

Aamaya Khan

Staff writer

Aamaya Khan is a junior and a second year member of the The Wrangler staff. She enjoys writing and would like to be a writer when she grows up, however she can be most seen taking pictures at school events. She's an avid reader a...

Daniela Hernandez

Staff Writer

Daniela is a sophomore and this is her first year on the newspaper staff. She loves to take pictures and paint. Her life is filled with music; she listens to everything except techno. In order to make her happy, you need to buy...

Jaclyn Rodriguez

staff writer

Jaclyn, or Jackie as she's called by her friends, is kindhearted and ambitious. She is currently a junior and enjoys music, reading, art, and photography. She has been writing since the first grade, and is very excited to be writing...

Clayton Keeling

Copy Editor

Clayton Keeling is a senior. This is his third year on The Wrangler staff. He enjoys Taco Bell and film. He likes classic rock and emo indie singer-songwriter music.

Nia Botti

Staff Writer

Nia Botti is a Freshman this year.  She worked on the Reading Junior High School newspaper and photographed some events.  Nia likes to write about events both in and out of school.  Outside of being on the newspaper staff,...

Abbey McGee

Staff Writer

Abbey McGee is a senior, continuing her second year working on The Wrangler staff. Outside of school, she enjoys playing video games, drawing, and listening to her favorite podcasts. During class, she's attentive, and works ha...

Emily Hawkins

Staff Writer

Emily is a sophomore. This is her first year on the The Wrangler staff, and she hopes there will be many after. She loves to write and play piano.  After high school, she hopes to attend Auburn University and study journalism. She one ...

Joshua Manus

Staff writer

Joshua Manus is a freshman in his first year of being on The Wrangler staff. He is playing soccer for his first year and desires  to be a Civil Engineer. He also is an average person who can connect with others very well....

Jose De La Fuente

Staff Writer

Jose, a 16 year old, is a junior this year. This is his first year as a member of The Wrangler staff. He enjoys watching the NFL and NBA, and he is a big fan of the Green Bay Packers and the San Antonio Spurs. He is also an ...

Caleb Fojtik

staff writer

Caleb Fojtik is a Senior and this is his second year on The Wrangler staff. He enjoys art and literature, while also, spending his free time listening to all types of music, especially older types. Other activities include simply w...

Hannah Escochea

staff writer

Hannah Escochea is a senior. This is her first year being on The Wrangler staff. She is a fun person to hang around with and to make jokes with; she loves hanging with friends and being crazy. Hannah loves baking, mudding, fishing,...

Amanda Martin

Staff Writer

Amanda Martin is a Junior this year. This is her second year on The Wrangler staff. In her free time, she enjoys volunteering, taking pictures, and hanging out with her friends and family. She loves to travel with her family d...

Maria Divina Canalita

Staff writer

Maria Divina Canalita is a junior at George Ranch. This is her second year on The Wrangler Staff of GR. She likes to free-write anything. She's been taking journalism for a couple of years now and she's looking forward to another...

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