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The Wrangler is the official online newsmagazine of George Ranch High School, located in Richmond, Texas. In addition to our online magazine, we put out a  print edition of The Wrangler each semester. Our staff is composed entirely of students, and the articles you read here are the product of an intensely passionate group of highschoolers whose interests range from music to sports to humanitarian efforts. We make it a point to cover every aspect of our school, for we believe fiercely in representing the many groups that make our high school unique. Our motto is “by students, for students”, and it truly encapsulates all that we stand for. Our newsmagazine is not just an outpouring of the journalism department; it’s the voice of our school.

If you want to have a voice in this school, shoot us an email with either your comments, concerns, thoughts, or even submissions to [email protected]. We want to hear what you have to say in order to better attribute The Wrangler to our fellow students.



The Wrangler and thewrangleronline are the official student media publications of George Ranch High School, 8181 FM 762, Richmond, TX 77469.

The Wrangler and thewrangleronline serve as an information and entertainment source for students, staff, and George Ranch community members while providing an open forum for student expression.

Unsigned editorials are the opinions of the newspaper editorial staff and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the LCISD administration.

The Wrangler is a member of the Interscholastic League Press Conference (ILPC), Texas Association of Journalism Educators (TAJE), Journalism Education Association (JEA), and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA).

Written comments are accepted provided they are signed. The Wrangler reserves the right to edit and delete posted comments due to libel or profanity. The Wrangler also reserved the right to edit or delete comments that are considered obscene or belligerent or any other speech not protected under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The editors also reserve the right to edit all comments due space or grammatical errors



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