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Technology and Books
Paper Books Versus E-Books
By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer • January 5, 2021

There is a stigma around reading books. Most people that enjoy them, become categorized as nerds or book worms. I do not believe that this is the case. This then leads...

A shot of Christmas related items in your home can show how joyful the holidays can still be.
Dealing With Grief During the Holidays
By Bailey Taylor, Staff Writer • December 18, 2020

The holidays are a time for jovial celebrations shared with family and friends. However, this year has been difficult for everyone who has lost...

Santa Claus Fun Facts
Santa Claus Fun Facts
By Andrea Flores, Staff Writer • December 16, 2020

Chaos in the Capitol
Pearl Harbor, 79 Years Later…
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The movie Clouds is available to view on Disney Plus.
Clouds: A Heart-Wrenching Movie
By Ashley Wandling, Staff Writer • January 20, 2021

The hit Disney Plus movie Clouds is based on a true story about a teenager named Zach Sobiech who is battling more than just the struggles of high school. When his cancer...

The #MeToo movement took hold in South Korea in 2018, and since then there has been a push for change in South Korea
South Korea: The Defense of the Desecrated
By Zenobia Wiley, Editor • January 8, 2021

TRIGGER WARNING: RAPE   SEOUL— It happened 12 years ago, on the morning of December 11. The girl was merely eight years old at the time. Na-young (not her...

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Hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes as the Islamic State gains further control of Mozambique.
Mozambique: The Cruelty of the Callous
By Zenobia Wiley, Editor • December 8, 2020

CABO DELGADO—The attacks were an initiation rite to induct teenage boys into manhood. A possible retaliation for governmental efforts to take control. The Islamic...

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Howdie Diya Verma!

By Sabrina Lara, Staff Writer
November 8, 2020

The Wrangler: How do you feel about online classes? Verma: Online classes have been pretty stressful, and I think it's because teachers have been giving huge workloads to students without considering...

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Howdie Mrs. Hunt!

By Keely Telford, Staff Photographer
October 24, 2020

The Wrangler: What college did you go to and what degree(s) did you earn? Hunt: I went to Texas Christian University and have a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Masters in Education. The Wrangler:...

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Howdie Mrs. Colleen Kroeker!

By Ethan McGinty, Staff Writer
October 20, 2020

The Wrangler: Being the Newspaper teacher, what are some of your favorite memories? Kroeker: Our trips to San Antonio to attend the TAJE Fall Fiesta conference will always bring warm memories. Taking...

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Howdie Ms. Hill!

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer
October 20, 2020

 The Wrangler: What made you start teaching? Ms. Hill: Honestly, I was fresh out of college with an English degree and I wanted to travel the world and write. However, life happened, and I discovered...

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Howdie Ruth Oguntope!

By Ethan McGinty, Staff Writer
October 7, 2020

The Wrangler: What is it like to be on the Varsity Track team? Oguntope: I haven't been on Varsity for long, but it feels natural, for [lack of] better words. The Wrangler: What’s one major difference...

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Howdie Giselle Katan!

By Olivia Raymond, Editor In Chief
October 6, 2020

The Wrangler: How different is it being a virtual student-athlete versus face to face? Katan: Being a virtual athlete is a lot tougher than being face to face. We must deal with challenges like driving...

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