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Howdie Annika Weber!
Howdie Madelyn Lovelace!
Howdie Myriq Freeman!
Howdie Mirna Contreras!
Howdie Sara Watson!
Howdie Ainsley McGee!
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Top 5 tips for College Visits
Sugar Land Events in April
Sugar Land Events in March
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Lead On
Streaming App Spotify Enters Stock Market
The Other Side
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Rainbow Six Siege: Review
A Less Effective Power
There’s a Starman Waiting in the Sky
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Why is There so Much Violence in the Middle East?
Shooting at YouTube Headquarters
School Walkouts Around the Country for Gun Control
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Bartolo Colon flirts with perfection
Introducing the Overwatch League
Villanova Back On Top
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Blare It!
Half-Of-April: Playlist
March: Playlist
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Speeding ticket? Upcoming teen driver in the house? Drive the Foundation offers an online parent-assisted driver education course and defensive driving program. GRHS and L.E.A.F. (Lamar Educational Awards Foundation) will receive $25 for every online teen driving course and $5 for the Texas ticket dismissal course. To sign up or receive more info, visit or call 800-227-7509.
Clayton Keeling
Clayton Keeling

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Clayton Keeling is a senior. This is his third year on The Wrangler staff. He enjoys Taco Bell and film. He likes classic rock and emo indie singer-songwriter music.

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