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Maddox Real (12) and Sarah Austin (10) as Jonny and Toffee.
Zombie Prom: Atomic Edition
By Gabriella Champion, Staff Photographer • October 29, 2021

Zombie prom is about a boy, Jonny, who falls in love with Toffee, but she breaks up with him. He gets into a nuclear accident and comes back as a zombie. Great job to the...

The choir members right before their Region Auditions at First Colony Middle School.
Making This Year Count
By Kaelee Hunter, Co Editor In Cheif • October 22, 2021

Months worth of practicing leads up to a two-minute audition that can change your whole music directory. The select choir students are in this exact process, called TMEA...

A black man and a white man trying to see things eye to eye.
Racism Can’t Go Both Ways
By Camdyen Tate, Staff Photographer • November 1, 2021

Racism against white people, or reverse racism, is a phrase often used when white people feel attacked or discriminated against. Although assumptions and stereotypes affect...

Graduation is an exciting time that students look forward to and work towards for the majority of their educational career.
The Reality of Being a Senior
By Brenna Buchanan, Co-Editor in Chief • November 1, 2021

The large auditorium is filled with cheering friends and family. All seniors stand in alphabetical order waiting to accept their diplomas. A piece of paper twelve years in...

Lana Del Rey has one of the best voices around the globe, but is her music for everyone?
Is Blue Banisters Good?
By Marek Galinski, Staff Writer • October 28, 2021

Lana Del Rey has never been one of the most popular artists but is still very well known. Her alternative style is not for everyone, but she's still had many smash hits such...

The  Logo for the 2021 version is ready for a new generation
The Wonder Years Reboot
By Eryn Rainer, Staff Writer • October 6, 2021

If you were around in the '80s, you may have heard or watched the show "The Wonder Years". A show, starring Fred Savage as a young boy growing up in the late '60s and '70s....

The World Series Trophy, what all MLB teams strive for.
The Atlanta Braves Win the 2021 World Series
By Nathan Plunk, Copy Editor • November 3, 2021

Another World Series trophy heads back to Atlanta, this time, the first in 26 years. Last Tuesday, November 2, the Atlanta Braves beat the Houston Astros in game six of the...

Adele Makes an Appearance
Adele Makes an Appearance
By Daryn O'Neal, Staff Writer • October 21, 2021

After a six year hiatus from music, Adele released her new single, Easy on Me, to tease her first album in six years called 30. Adele's albums for the past 13 years have...

November Newsletter 11/8/21
November Newsletter 11/8/21
By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer • November 9, 2021

Character Counts: Respect! 10/28/21
Character Counts: Respect! 10/28/21
By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer • October 28, 2021

Mrs. Pattersons Smore 11/28/21
Mrs. Patterson's Smore 11/28/21
By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer • November 29, 2021

Photography by Adelynn Prushing
By Delaney Marrs, Online Editor, Staff Writer • December 3, 2021

“Okay I have options,” Adelynn Prushing, a Senior, says.  What do you expect when you ask for artwork?  Detailed drawings? Still...

Artwork by Katherine Le
By Delaney Marrs, Online Editor, Staff Writer • November 20, 2021

What’s in a hydrangea?  A masterpiece.  The flowers blossom in Senior Katherine Le’s artwork. White. Blue. Pink. Violet.  Purity....

Howdie Coach Fontenot!

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer
November 3, 2021

The Wrangler: How have you seen the team grow since you became the head coach? Coach Fontenot: Our growth has been exponential in many different categories that ultimately lead to the success of a team...

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Howdie Mrs. M. Flores!

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer
November 1, 2021

The Wrangler: When you graduated from high school, what was your original plan for your future? Mrs. Flores: My degree is in Sports Medicine. I originally planned on going to PT School to become a physical...

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Howdie Ms. Cao!

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer
November 1, 2021

The Wrangler: How and when did you decide that math was your passion? Ms. Cao: When I figured out that I wanted to teach, I was stuck between biology and math. During high school, I had three really great...

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Howdie Laurissa Gillis!

By Kabria Earp, Staff Writer
September 29, 2021

The Wrangler: What inspired you to be a Belle? Gillis: My love for dance and getting involved in school, dressing up, and things like that inspired me to be a Belle. The Wrangler: Has being a Belle...

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Howdie Nafi Ba

By Daryn O'Neal, Staff Writer
September 29, 2021

The Wrangler: What or who inspired you to become a Lariette ? Ba: If we are being honest, I truly just did not want to be in P.E. anymore but once I joined the dance team, I realized that dancing is...

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Howdie Kylie Marteney!

By Sabrina Lara, Staff Photographer
September 29, 2021

The Wrangler: What does it mean to you to be a student as well as someone who is a part of the working class? To me, being a student that is involved in the working class means that I am learning...

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